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Rob Zacny

Three Moves Ahead 401: Kingdoms and Castles

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Three Moves Ahead 401:

Three Moves Ahead 401

Kingdoms and Castles
Troy returns from vacation just as Fraser prepares to sail the wine-dark Aegean. But they pause long enough to talk about Kingdoms and Castles with Rob, a fun little medieval tower-defnse-city-builder that everyone wishes were just a little bit... deeper. But can Kingdoms and Castles' appeal be separated from its simplicity and shallowness?

Kingdoms and Castles, Anno Games, Stronghold,


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19 hours ago, ilitarist said:

Entertaining. Nice to hear Troy.



I just logged back on to say pretty much exactly the same thing. Troy: you've been missed. And this was one of the best recent review shows.

This game sounds like it would make a good gift for a few people I know. I get the feeling that Rob is wanting to have his cake and eat it (which he kind of admits during the podcast): it sounds like the game is simple and limited in scope by design. Like Kingdoms, isn't that ok? It's priced pretty reasonably, so surely a few hours of fun before you exhaust the possibilities is ok?

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