[dev log] sit in a row and stare at the wall

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a while ago I picked up pico 8, made it draw a background, then stopped messing with it for like a year.

I'm gonna use this jam as an opportunity to do it again, overhaul the background drawin' thing, and draw pixel art of the back of the thumbs' heads, as well as relearn pico-8 lua.


so far I've got my dev environment set up and most of the program rewritten.


this is gonna be the year's premier wall-staring simulator.

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I've been busy with a friend's wedding for the past few days and am now on the car ride home. The internet's kinda spotty tethering from the phone and a bad cable isn't helping, so I can't learn much of pico-8, but I did figure something out for animating the sky.

instead of an array of four random tiles being cycled across (which I wrote yesterday and almost got working), I could just have one blue rectangle be drawn then slide a cloud sprite over it. I have a vague idea of how to do it, but again, spotty internet.


I also wrote a short, shitty music loop and set something up to write random values to random addresses in the music area. this will either make it shittier or silent (and better). maybe if I get all the code done early enough I'll write a better tune.

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after a long period of not doing things, I'm doing things again. yesterday I added nick, chris, and jake, and I made the music not shit.


today after sleeping I will add an amazing weather simulator. with three distinct clouds, I'm not sure anyone will ever top it.


edit: it's done. uploaded and "play"able

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beep beep finished

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