Suddenly, the King of France!   Hello!   This will be my third Wizard Jam and I am stoked to get started! If you want to see my previous WJ games, I was pretty happy with Cool Blob Future and sort of like a few things I did in Devil’s Snuff Box (but not many things). For Wizard Jam 5, I am taking on Idle Thumbs 241:  Suddenly the King of France. This will be my first jam game where I go all 3D, so I am going to try and push myself within reason and within the two week time limits.   The Pitch: Suddenly the King of France is a puzzle shooter that puts you in shoes of the King of France at the time of the French Revolution. Your goal is to save your hide from the angry masses and earn tons of points while doing so. If you are wondering how the lengthy imprisonment, trial, and sentencing of King Louis XVI will make a fun game, it won’t. So, I’m just mashing a bunch of historical events, stereotypes, and misunderstandings into a scenario that will hopefully be fun! Perched on the top of your castle tower, you must distract and destroy the charging citizens by making them turn their lust for the king’s blood on each other. You’re equipped with a special cannon, precisely firing king accoutrements onto individuals, causing their fellow citizens to toss them onto the guillotines they intended to use to lop off your regal head.   Once you tag a citizen with all three pieces of the king’s regalia, the citizenry will turn on that poor plebeian and you’ll earn points. If you shoot the same citizen with the same piece of king equipment, it will destroy both of them and act as a setback. As the citizens continue to flood into the court, they will slowly chip away at your tower, bringing you ever closer to your death and the end of the game.   The Mockup: This picture is pretty bad, but it gives an idea of the layout. You are shooting down from a high tower as citizens pour through several doorways, coming to get you! The perspective on this mockup is all off, but I decided to save my energy for really making the game instead of this mockup. Hopefully it’s good enough to give you the idea!     Since I am no artist and no modeler, my characters and props are going to be very basic and cartoony, but I think I can create a consistent and fun look that should work. I hope so anyway.   The Team: Game design, programming, and bad 3D modeling: Me Voiceover work: Jon Coughlin & YOU?? Music: Joel Whitaker   Personal Learning/Stretch Goals for this Jam: ·         Create all simple 3D models with Blender and ProBuilder ·         Make basic AI for citizens that complements the “puzzle” elements ·         Create an online leaderboard? This is a stretch.     Want to help out with a game and do it in less than ten minutes? Great! Just send me a quality recording of you yelling some sort of charging growl or grunt sound that you would imagine an angry Frenchman making as he passionately charges into a castle. Send me a link or a file through the forum PMs along with the name you want in the credits!   I will try to update this log as best I can, especially with juicy gifs! Thanks for reading!