Click on this thread about Prey, it's definitely not a mimic

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Haven't read any of this thread, but the game is 20 bucks on steam right now :)


I'm getting it soon for my birthday 🎂

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So I killed alex before sitting down to blow up with the station, despite setting up the shuttle. In the post credits judging scene i thought oh boy he is not gonna like that. The high point of my experience with the narrative was when he didn't even bring it up; one of the operators mentioned '...he did kill you', to which he basically said yea fair deuce i was an ass. Good stuff. Also enjoyed getting let off the hook for deleting the evidence about that womans dad, because hey, now was not the time, and morgan was gonna eat it anyway in the explosion. Did a great job of turning the boring ass selfless/selfish duality of bioshock into a set of genuinely sticky situations, and acknowledging the range of motivations a person could have in response to them.


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