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On 8/28/2017 at 11:36 AM, coughlinjon said:

woah! Are you still working on this!?


YES! It must end soon! Doing a debugging pass this week, then a few other changes I had planned.

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I have been playing through the game a bit looking for obvious errors, such as this:




Not sure how an egg ended up in the list of bugs. Most of the other problems have been with the saving/loading of objects' states, and I generally haven't found too many, so that's encouraging. Also, I have been fixing up a few things that have been bothering me for a long time, like the way the river water looked. I forgot to take a before picture, so all I have for you is the way it looks now:




I got some good input from the game-dev slack channel to make it look this good. Trust me, it is much better than before! Now I am doing similar improvements to the water in the rock-skipping minigame, but that is going to require more than just applying this system there since the river flows in a completely different manner. The bad part about it is this means adding more (albeit very small) textures to the scene and continuing to trash the load times. I have done a lot to reduce those, but outside of devising a clever loading scheme, I am thinking we'll just have to live with a long load time. I will keep hacking at it as I can, though.


Which reminds me... this game started as part of the 2016 GBJAM, which is about to happen again! I was hoping to make a few minor improvements to our entry and call it good. Here we are a year later, though, and I'm still working on this project. A lot has happened in that year, so I forgive myself, but it is time to put a bow on it and move on to the next thing I have brewing! I am hoping to get early copies out to a few people to help me find errors that I can patch up before "release". Hoping to get to that state in a week or two. 


Thanks for checking in!

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Sent out a few codes to get some early impressions and testing done. If you're interested in giving some test runs if the game, send me a PM here or in slack and I will set you up. 

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