[Released] (Late) Robot Russian Roulette 2D

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So I tried to participate in my first Jam with Wizard Jam 4. I was off to a great start over the Thanksgiving (US) holiday, but got side-tracked by a whole host of things when I got back from vacation. Seeing all the amazing entries and the fact that there were no entries for my episode title (I think), inspired me to finish it over my relatively long Christmas vacation. All told I spent about 2 weeks working on it (but I don’t expect that to count). This is my first Unity game and it was a lot of fun.



“Robot Russian Roulette”


2295 years after the war of Human Inefficiency, the robot nations still scour the earth looking for the missing pieces of their mechanical history. Intelligence has surfaced that two of the oldest records were discovered in Nation 1011. Thought to be erased in the last cycles of the Earth Defragmention, their retrieval is now of utmost importance. Relying on the most logical forms of conflict resolution such as dueling and the ancient art of Russian Roulette, perfected by C3P-Azimov, you must retrieve the missing files.




Still looking at the fun quotient on this one, so I have been thinking of ways to improve the idea.


Design Ideas:

  • UI status over the robots to display known info like shots fired
  • Different modes for chamber configuration
    • More than one bullet
    • Hiding the chamber contents
  • Personalities and dialog associated with the duel requests
  • Sounds
  • Better animations

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