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Battle Splash - Tactically soaked in Chaotic Water Shooter

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Hello everyone! I've been working on this game for a long time, and now I want to show you guys some progress that I’ve done. I’m an avid fan of many great shooters on PC, especially arena classics such as Doom, Quake, and Team Fortress 2, but not quite fond of violence elements like blood and gore. With that in mind, I decided to spend 4 years with my own programming skills to make a little game called Battle Splash.


Battle Splash is a third-person shooter which takes inspirations from water fights, featuring action-packed, fast-paced water fights in peaceful and relaxing environments. In this game, I want to include the elements that defines 90s arena classics (something like Quake with bright colors, water splashes, and no violence) with class-based elements. Players can choose one of 4 cheerful girls with same weapon loadout, while having distinctive stats for creative playstyles. Furthermore, each girl carries an exclusive item that serves their co-operative role. Currently, I’m optimizing the game so that up to 32 players can join in large playgrounds for water fights. I’m also planning to support modding tool that allow everyone to customize their own water fights for their own preferences.










I’m also making a Greenlight page of Battle Splash for Steam submission. If you find this interesting, please visit my greenlight page and vote "yes". That would be a great support for me!


Thank you very much for taking a look of my project. I hope that you guys are interested in my little game, as well as leaving feedbacks to improve it. Have a nice day!

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Our voting campaign in Greenlight has ended successfully as the game is officially Greenlit after 16 days, right in the end of year 2016. Therefore, thank you very much for supporting us and we'll do our best to create the finest experience in this water fight game.




Right after being Greenlit, we've started experimenting and making new features in Battle Splash. "Balloon Hop" (a.k.a "Water Balloon Hopping") is the first mechanism to be implemented in this year and it's a really fun one. This mechanic requires precise aiming and timing in order to be successfully executed. A series of perfect "Hops" will keep player leaping very fast.




Along with the "Balloon Hop", we also decided to remake our Medieval Town map based on the community feedback. The buildings are re-modeled and the color tone is being adjusted in order to unify the overall aesthetics. At first, we tried with the tone of fresh green with examples below:










This is the comparison between the original version (upper) and the remake version (lower)




However, many feedback shows that most people prefer the orange/yellow color tones that implemented in the original map. So we decided to mix the original colors with new building models, which resulted in something fresh right here.












Comparing to the prototype made one year ago, this is a tremendous progress that we've done during the development










These are still Work-in-Progress, which you'll expect more changes to be made in time.

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This is how Battle Splash evolved after 3 years of development, 8 Unity versions, 10+ prototype builds, and many hours of bugfixes after upgrading newer Unity versions.


And here's what we discovered while testing the shield item for one of our girls. In fact, we DID have a full ping-pong match by only using that item

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Last week, I decided to make use of character's Dynamics Hair so that it can react to Wind as well as character's Movement and Animation. 
It's a very simple system, using Sine Wave and Perlin noise in order to simulate Wind Force.
What do you think about this? :D


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