[Dev Log] Their Building Has A Haircut

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I don't know if I'll actually have time to do this but I'll write down the idea I've had and maybe putting it in a public place will encourage me to work on it:


It'd be a game where you make little cyberpunk skyscrapers, stylistically similar to those from Netrunner cards, such as:


I've never done pixel art before, and I'm intellectually aware that it's not really any less challenging than other art styles, but I feel like I might have a shot at doing things that way whereas I clearly can't create art similar to the above. If anyone finds this interesting and wants to help with assets that'd be incredible.

I think as a game it'd be something like: you're an architect and your megacorp boss is jealous of another company's building, hence the title, and you have to make a new building for them. I'm not sure if it'd have actual win/loss conditions or scoring or resources or anything, where you'd submit your building and have it compared to other people's buildings; I think it might really just be like a dress-up toy but for buildings, where you're given some base models to work with and various accessories you can add, like logos / billboards / antennas that you can drag around, maybe some palette switching options / backdrops, and a tool for saving images of your creations.

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Love how bonkers the idea is. Maybe you could have a loosely defined set of goals the corporation wants to achieve to compete with other buildings? Something like charismatic, sleek, fear-inducing, and then a set of add-ons that have hidden values toward that goal? Don’t know, but I can’t wait to play it.


Good luck!

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