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Golden Calf

Idle Thumbs 89: The Ship Economy (2D economic strategy game (or something))

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Hey all, I'm looking to snag a few more people interested in working on a game about trading ships around the 15th century or so.


The basic idea is that it will be a top-down 2D game on procedurally-generated maps where you need to venture out into the fog of war to discover trade routes and protect your shipping lanes in order to build up a trade empire. You will invest in navigation technology, better ships for longer, faster journeys, weaponry for fending off pirates, and more (or possibly less, given the 2 week timeline!) so that the peasants can shave cents off their textile budget.


Currently, we have 2 programmers and 1 audio person. We could really use someone with art skills. We could probably also take on another programmer and designer without stepping on each others toes too badly, if anybody is interested. This is going to be a learning experienced for everyone on the team so far, so if this sounds interesting but you don't know what you can contribute, send me a message anyway, either on here on the forums or to markrdally at gmail. I'll update this post if/when the team is full.


Even if we don't get that artist, I expect this project is gonna be pretty rad:



Note: We may pick a slightly snazzier name.

Note also: It's a real shame that 89 is not four numerals that add up to nine. Alas, alas...

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