The game is out! 
There will be an update in a day or two with some gussied-up assets and a fuller ending, but it should be fully playable!   Big Week 1 Patch is up! I have fixed all the bugs that were keeping people from finishing the game! We are still going to have one more patch shortly to update a few rough art assets and add an ending screen, but the game should be fully playable and now includes credits!  
Hello world!
I will be streaming development on my Twitch!   Nope, that didn't happen!

I am going to hold back on starting the actual writing and plotting, but I have also written a lengthy design doc (shamelessly style-cribbed from travis), and it can be found here. If you want to see a folder with mood boards of the different visual elements that can be found here. 

I will be trying to stream some of the dev cycle as I struggle with a new engine (either TyrannoBuilder, Fungus, or Yarn) and scribble madly!

Basics:    Cheatin' Hitman: Throwing Stars & Dead-End Bars   Visual Novel where a drunk, ornery, old 47's handler tries to get him to focus on recounting a mission. 

People already onboard! (we can always use more) @kevin888 - art @JoelWmusic - music @Brett E @Mythalore - background art @vimes - character art @clicktozoom - voice acting

The game is out and I changed the name! ;-)