[Art] Flay Learns to Paint and Draw

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@theschap I'm not sure I can answer that, but I do a lot of thinking before each spitpaint. Normally I'll look at the prompt in the morning, giving me all day to think about it. Sometimes I don't come up with anything, but the best paintings I do are the ones where I can basically already see the image in my head before I start painting. I have a background in graphic design, and it's a very similar process.


Hey guys, had some health issues that prevented me from doing much art, but I'm back now!


Currently I'm working through the fundamentals of lighting on Schoolism, here's exercise no. 2




Crits appreciated, as always

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Exercise 3 coming along, not sure how to take this one any further


Note that I did NOT paint the background, and a ref was provided for the reflection



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