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OK, so similar to the post in the Pathfinder thread I just made:


I want to try using Discord going forward in addition to Skype. This is more important for the Hunter game than Pathfinder, because I also think it will easily allow me to switch into private communications with any of you.


I apologize for the short notice.


Discord can't do video, so we'll still keep Skype open for cameras, however it should be much more elegant for audio and less likely to take it upon itself to adjust my levels on the fly - resulting in players no longer hearing my backdrop audio or getting echoes of themselves. (So, in effect, we'll have a muted Skype video call open simultaneously with a Discord audio call.)
Download Discord here:
Once it's installed, run its audio wizard (I normally don't like running wizards, but Discord makes it pretty much mandatory to do so, in my experience).
Join the server by clicking on the circled + button on the left and enter this code:
Hit me up if there are any problems. As of now does it look like everyone will be available come Sunday?

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I just want to thank you guys again for bearing with me all this time. I've been waiting and planning for that point in the story for a long time now and it's been very frustrating for me, and I'm sure for you, to deal with all the headaches of the technical difficulties of streaming and getting the audio to work. And then seeing my connection drop over and over during this crucial moment I'd prepared for (despite how otherwise unprepared I am), it could've been much more heartbreaking for me with another group of players who were more obvious about letting their frustrations show, their disinterest surface, their attentions wander. I appreciate how much you do bear with me: I clearly want this game to be more than I can currently make it (on a purely technical level, at the very least) but having the four of you present is not something I take for granted on the road to ultimately making it a creative project that is compelling to play and to view.

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