Idle Thumbs 242: A Simple Goat

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I've heard that stratagem input on the Xbox controller is tricky since the sequences use D-pad input and the Xbox controller's D-pad is absolute crap.  I have my Steam Controller setup with the left pad mimicking a D-pad and it works almost flawlessly (the main drawback is that you can't really feel the directions with your fingers so it takes some getting used to at first).  I also have a few actions mapped to the rear paddles so I can aim and do something else simultaneously.


Confirmed, it really sucks. Sorry for all the times I either messed stuff up or failed to do anything at all due to D-Pad badness.


Poe's Law


Oh my goodness.

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I tried Dwarf Fortress last year, just to say I did, and I ended up having a lot of fun with it.  It actually reminded me of something like a CK2: complex systems and tons of potential for emergent storytelling, but a completely inscrutable interface (even using a tileset, like I did).  I followed a tutorial to get my first fortress up and running, and it was dead useful.





Dwarf fortress is one of those games I always want to play in theory but am put off for the same reason I refuse to use vim.



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Concerning Dorf, there is a great O'Reilly book about the game (made with v0.34 in mind), which is hilarious condsidering that the publisher mostly produce books on programming.


The book's tutorial really helps learning the fundamentals and it has illustrations from the great chronicler of DF, Tim Denee. A must have.



Some of Denee's work:


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