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Dad Beat Dads - a pun- and dad-based local MP brawler

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Been following some friends of mine as they've nurtured their precious Little One through production, and now it's all grown up and I'm so proud to see it out in the wide, wide world.



It's a local-multiplayer punch-em-up! Out now on PC, coming to XBONE early next year.

I've played an in-progress version at a local indie event and it felt really good. More demanding and intricate than I was expecting it to be based on the visual style (YMMV). I'm looking forward to playing the finished version, but alas I don't have anything that'll run it. <sigh>

The local-multiplayer genre seems to be pretty well-stocked these days, so I hope these guys are able to get their fair share of attention. If any of you folks end up giving it a shot, share your thoughts here! I'm interested to see what everyone thinks!


More info over here at


*Disclaimer: I know the devs, but they neither paid for nor encouraged this posting, nor do they necessarily endorse this post and they don't even know I put it here, I'm just so excited for them.


EDIT: Clearly I don't know how to embed a video. Oh well.

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