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AD2460 : New add-on : Stations

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I don't know if anyone here plays AD2460, but we just launched a huge Add-on for the game, called "Stations".

Stations in AD2460 are huge structures within a sector that alliances can take over to increase their dominance 
in a region. These stations also provide the entire alliance with different types of benefits.

The stations will need to be well-defended, as there is no doubt many who will want to lay claim to these
mysterious structures. In addition, the user interface has been given an update, and the combat viewer is now
full of new and cool information updating live as the battle unfolds.

If anyone is curious to how this looks, here is a sample combat from the live game:

As I am one of the developers in our 3-man-company, feel free to ask any questions you might have, and I will do
my best to answer them!


Kind regards

Christian "Spinner" Lassem


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