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[dev log] dddSnake

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Hi everyone, I started making a game again.


Link to the git hub that should always be up to date




As the title suggests, it's a remake of snake in 3d.The first problem I ran into was getting the camera to behave in a nice manner. Made me understand the sorry plight of the men and women who worked on the first adventure platformers. Does anyone know of any good resources on how to handle a 3rd person camera? I have something that is functional, but it only tracks int two axis, it just orbits the player. Perhaps I should experiment with a camera that subtly glides behind the player but can still be adjusted as well... Not the glamorous stuff that I want to tackle in the beginnings of a project though.


The next part I implemented was the pellets. Which wasn't to hard actually. I just have a collision event that triggers a function that adds another child block to the end of the snake. Seemed easy, but weird stuff is happening, as you can see in the gif.


After that I totally rewrote the controls because they made no sense once I added the ability to move the camera. I found that limiting the movement controls to two buttons (right or left) gave enough of a reference for myself to understand where the character was going to go. Before I had every direction mapped, which was a nightmare if you moved the camera. Another tweak I made to the controls has to do with going up and down. They act more like toggles, you press up and you ascend, but if you press it again, you go in the direction you were going before.


That's it for today.

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I don't know good resources for smooth camera control, but why give the player access to those controls? Why not just have the camera fixed view based on where the snake is going. ie. It's always facing directly forward from the snake's head.

If you did that it could just be parented to the head and always follow the players movement instead. I'm not suggesting it just as a shortcut by the way, I actually think it might work better design wise.

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