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King Of Quiet Nights

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Hey folks! The Idle Thumbs forum has always been a huge source of inspiration and influence on me as a game dev so I thought I would share with you the new game I am working on!




This is "King Of Quiet Nights" a small platformer that take place inside the room of a small child, while their single parent is at work late they find their own fun in their room fightings monsters and becoming king of their imaginary world!


I am doing programming and design while Brent Kobayashi (the great artist mastermind behind Alphabear and Road Not Taken)

the game is super early, right now I have a demo I threw together in like a week and it's super busted. But I showed it at a small indie showcase last night and had an amazing time!


I will post more and some gifs later on today 

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I will post some gifs soon! we showed a demo at a event recently however it was thrown together in about a week so a lot of it is gonna change! gonna be busy with LD jam but after that I am gonna be knee deep in gifs hehe


will use this as a bit of a Dev log :D 

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