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I'd try and seek out more of the last day's interview


Ha, I must have done that—one more clip did it.  Game over!


I did one more search after that end-game prompt: I googled my own name.


Since I was Sarah, I assumed I was the "miscarried" daughter that Hannah and Simon wanted to have.  This original Sarah was hidden from Eve just like Eve was hidden from her own parents.


Reading this thread, this is likely incorrect—who would have raised this Sarah for 10+ years?  But I'm still not sure why Eve, now free from Simon and Hannah, would give her daughter this name.


Apparently I've seen fewer than half the clips, so what do I know?

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Finally got around to playing her story. It's awesome

Weird thing is, it's set in Portsmouth, 10 miles from where I live. I didn't even know it was a British made game.

It's really funny hearing all the location details, like, the old north end odean cinema where she had her first date with Simon. I've been there! It's been shut down for like almost 20 years, I saw dumb and dumber there with my mum :) there was a really shitty car park round back. Ah memories

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I love this game! It felt really cool to figure out the mystery. I didn't find the ending to be much of a let down. It's pretty cheap. I reccomend it.


And most importantly, why is there a guitar in the interview room?



A bit of a necro response but:


That interview took place on 1st July 1994 which is a Friday, the day she would be performing at the bar. Probably got called in on the way there.

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