No Thumbs, Especially Chris! Just a dev log, don't worry.

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If you are any of the regulars of the Idle Thumbs Podcast, please turn back now. ESPECIALLY CHRIS! I'm sorry, but if this turns out the way Super_Jogurt and I are thinking, this will be far too cool and or stupid to spoil, and I want you to enjoy this in all of it's glory. Don't worry, we'll let you know when it is safe.


Have you gone?


Just in case, I'm going to put the following content into a spoiler tag, but anything beyond this post is fair game.


See you in the spoiler.


Super_Jogurt and I are currently in the early stages of making an Idle Thumbs game called Remogotchi. It will be a tamagotchi style game, where you control a cute little Remo!

A build, with terrible dev art, is over at I'll update this with more information soon, but please check it out! Ideas and comments are welcome.




Thanks to the wonderful Super_Jogurt for the gorgeous art, I can't wait for the rest of it to come true.


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We have been working on this since pretty much the end of wizard jam, although life has gotten in the way some times. Super_Jogurt and I wanted to have a small project that we can use as a learning exercise, and this dumb thing was born. What I want is a polished product. My previous two games were game jam games, and as they were my first attempts of making games, means they were completely broken. Lets see what we can do with a longer deadline.

Thing in game:
three placeholder images when you boot up. What will be my logo, Super_Jogurt's Logo, and a splash screen for the game.
you are then put straight into either a new game, or your previous one, depending on whether you have played before.
All art in game at the moment is placeholder, and therefore terrible.
we have a main menu, game over screen and save system.
we have some basic ui buttons, which are there for testing movement and the hunger system. If your hunger reaches 0, you hit the game over screen.
One thing I would like to keep secret.

Day night cycle, related to the secret thing.

Typo on the main menu
You sometimes start with no health, which technically means you are dead. Restart the game, you'll be fine.
Movement of Remo has a bug related to the secret thing. He likes wandering off screen, bless him.

Things to come:
Eradicate all dev art.
add more states of remo: age state, including egg, proper animations, multiple idle animations.
random events
remove shitty ui
add better ui
basically make the game.

Here is a prototype of an idle image. There is more where that came from, baby!

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A major thing I've been working on is the dialogue writing system. Because Super_Jogurt and I are in different continents, we needed a place to write dialogue lines in a place we both can edit. We wanted to have the ability of mixing and matching the lines within the death text, drawing from your play experience. We also wanted to create more absurd lines by splitting sentences into chunks, and sticking random chunks together.


In order to solve this problem, I created a website, which I will link to when it is ready. Within the next couple of days, you'll be able to see a random death message generator, but we need to add more content, and I need to figure out the logic. This is going to be one of my favourite parts of the game. If I can manage it, I'll also be doing some British VO for the lines, if I can get the sound of pieced together sentences to sound good. If not, we may either scrap my VO or have to record the disjointed sentences manually.


Also, we are going to scrape through the podcasts for Chris VO, including laughs, straining noises, hilarious out of context quotes. We'll try to keep things civil with this, but it is hard when we've got to consider whether we are going to have an on-screen pooping Remo. 

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If you can let us know where the classic fart noise is, we will.


In ur butt.

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So, naturally, as soon as I mention this to the public, of course life gets in the way, and I'm having to build a timesheeting app for my wife's fledgling freelance career. This hasn't been forgotten, it is just percolating a bit. We will give you more information when it comes.

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