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It Came from The Wizard Jam: The Fanboy's Lament [Dev Log]

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You play a fanboy, outraged by the perfidious actions of publisher Soul Krusher Games, Inc! There is only one clear and just action remaining - to take a printout of your online petition to the desk of the Soul Krusher CEO and demand an immediate recall of their latest game, OVERBITE!




Guide the fanboy through the offices of Soul Krusher, avoiding the patrolling marketing and financial executives until you can unleash your FANBOY FURY with an almighty drone! Eliminate the executives to advance to the next office!


At the moment, gameplay alternates between kiteing enemies and propelling them into traps. 2/4 levels currently built to alpha level. Some polish, LOTS more polish and a little more content to come. Lots of fixes done, but absolutely looking for more feedback.


Download Win/Mac/Lin builds here:


Version with proper credits and attribution to follow! 99% of funny text in game courtesy of !


Q: Wait, wait, what? The Jam's over, man - a fading dream of a perfect time, a golden age we may only now hope to capture in our fleeting dreams...

A: Yes, true, but I figured I might as well do a little more - I had a fairly specific idea of how I wanted to see levels 3 and 4 , so why not continue for a week or two?


Q: Dude. DUDE. The Fanboy's head is the very definition of jank.

A: True that. I could probably find a way to retain the head bobble while removing the glitches, but I don't intend to spend too long on this project. Hopefully you'll see it as part of the game's charm (or suggest a perfect, fast solution to this head problem!)


Hope you can find some entertainment here!




PS: Still need to find a place to fit in a 'baboo'.


Also, lazy request: does anybody know where I could quickly find a sample of Jake's '...ghooouuu...' utterance? His 'disgusted', goober noise. You know the one. I'll probably wander through the archives at some point, but it'd be handy if somebody happened to remember him making that noise on a particular Thumbs episode...

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Making the rage inducing headlines persist more definitely was a good idea! I love the jokes on them but they seem to go so fast. (They could probably be kept a little longer than now, really)


I'm not sure exactly what was actually changed from the last to this one but it plays smoother! I think that tiny tutorial room added at the start was definitely a good choice for making the venting clearer (since I didn't get it for a few minutes my first time round).

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