Twin Peaks Rewatch 28: The Path to the Black Lodge

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The sense I get from this episode is a bit like a less extreme version of the Diane Keaton one - a person wants to fit in some tricks and odd imagery because they want to make a mark. It kind of goes a bit too weird though at some points - for example the dead man throbbing back and forth inside the chess piece.  


The moving of the chess piece (and it’s journey) is particularly amusing though. 


I dont get why everyone (especially cooper) is so chipper after finding the murder. 


Is cappy the guy guy from the bookhouse who got honked on the head and has notes (makes sense why hawk and Truman are cool with him). 


The whole: oh no wheeler and Audrey keep missing each other and eventual meeting arc only really works if you care about this relationship. It comes off as forced and crap.  


Donna has a good light show behind her as she investigates mystery. There’s a fair bit of darkness as a result of partially obscuring broad daylight in this episode. ITS LIKE REVERSE LYNCH THEME.


I’m sure Briggs is wasted with everything related to the conspiracy. I kind of liked wisdom Briggs way better than meaningless drivel lore Briggs. Also everyone keeps saying black lodge a lot as if it has meaning. 


Earle shows his and everyone’s true feelings about the chess game. 


For a bit I thought the wavy hand was to do with the pie. I assume it links to mikes arm in some way too. 


Bobby turns it around. It’s nice to see Shelly and him walking towards happiness. 


Series 3



After many a false dawn maybe this is where bobby gets good. But he’s done this before and got bored fairly quickly.


Man the racist Indian accent. Woof. It felt like the show was reducing this but it’s back again!!


the Leo buzzer thing was funny and sad at the same time. A good scene really - earl showed his real meanness. He basically must have been told to Be the Joker. 


Josies face!


cooper to Truman: love is great it’s the best man it’s so swell to be in love is the best omg Im totes in Lurve. 


Fuck the whole virgin plane thing. 


Its kind of weird how the show split coop and audrey only to pair them each with people with zero chemistry. It’s the worst. 


Why does the camera zoom out on Annie and coop? It starts off nice (they are the only people in the world) then gets sinister for no reason. Maybe it links to the giant saying Annie will be coops doom or something. 


Maple syrup. 


I can’t shake the feeling that Pete thinks he’s got a chance with Audrey because of fishing. 


Eckhardt makes a puzzle box, two layers of which open by smashing it. Top work. The whole code was dumb too. Like the code in the box related to the day he died some how?!


annie spends the whole time talking about how she wants to be intimate with coop looking away from him. I just. Er. 


I was as unimpressed with the black lodge area  introduction as I was when I first saw it. A black puddle? And the linking to cooper’s dream area feels really hamfisted and only a retrospective yet nonsensical direction. 





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