[Dev Log] Shoot That Pizza

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Hello, everyone!


I'm a bit late to the party, but I wanted to start off by saying how awesome this event is. The idea of an entire community coming together to create games is awesome, and I hope these sorts of events continues for years to come.


With introductions done, I'd like to tell you what game I'm making. I'm using the Idle Thumbs episode title "Shoot That Pizza" as inspiration. I'm creating what would basically be pitched as "Killer7 with cameras (and pizzas)," where you take pictures of sentient, invisible kamikaze pizzas to kill them off. You have to flash the pizzas to make them visible, then shoot the pizzas with your camera to harm them.




What I've got right now isn't indicative of what I intend it to be at the moment (I just started yesterday), but it's a start. I've set up the camera view, the ability to turn to each 'lane' the pizzas will come through, and the ability to zoom in the camera. 


I may not be able to  get as much done through the weekend, as I'm also participating in the upcoming Ludum Dare. Today, though, I hope to get the picture taking set up. Until then, talk to you later.

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