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Favorite Games

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  1. Anzen: Echoes of War

    We are a group of gamers turned game developers and we are working on an ARPG for iOS and Android called "Anzen: Echoes of War". Its a new type of mobile ARPG brings great gameplay, character customization and end-game content together to create unlimited replayability. As a Guardian, travel through the world of Anzen and uncover the truth behind the lost myths and legends of old. When digging up the past there is no telling what you will find. Features Premium Experience: We will NEVER have ads, loot boxes or pay-to-win micro-transactions Story: A rich world has been created, from the ground up, for you to explore. Multiplayer: Coordinate groups with your friends or join up with other players in the game. Classless System: There are no classes. Equipping weapons grant you abilities. Loot: Keep with traditional randomized loot with a special item class that changes their look as they level up and grants the user a Legendary Ability. End Game: Getting max level is just the beginning! We have a huge focus on end game content. On release we will have our Endless Dungeon mode that will push you to your limits! Expansions: Do you like how your favorite PC and Console games release full-blown expansions of content? Us too! Get more story, items, abilities and more when we release an expansion! Cosmetics: We want you to look your best as you defeat your enemies. You will find new looks for your armor, color variants for skills and vanity items such as capes, character portrait boarders and more! We will be making our prototype publicly available to test out so I can post that update here when its up. Art Style The game has a stylized look that still holds to realism. We didnt want to go the direction of a cartoony or be hyper realistic. Our goal was to establish an art style that is unique to the game. We went with a fantasy look with our own take on futuristic elements. It took us many, many iterations but we are staring to get a handle on the style and being consistent with it. Environments Inner Sanctum Crater City Characters Kyra Dey and Kelipso (bad guy ) Here is a walk through of one of our prototype levels. Gameplay We are inspired by PC ARPGs and we want to create a mobile game that offers an amazing experience and a world you can grow your character, become powerful and test your skills in endgame content. As we continue development we will keep iterating to make the gameplay smooth and satisfying. Audio Audio is something we do not want to leave to the end of development. We have been working to incorporate music, sound effects and voice over into the game early on. This made sure that we understand what is needed and make sure we can keep a high level of quality throughout the game. We have composed two songs for the game so far with more planned. Check them out on our Soundcloud! Jump in our Discord and talk to us directly about the game Discord: Follow our progress on social media! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Check out our website for an overview of the game, lore, art, music, dev blogs and more! Thank you for taking the time to check out Anzen! We would love to her your thoughts on the game and what you feel we can improve on.