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Found 2 results

  1. I have an urgent dilemma: my sister's moving out of state, but she hasn't told my parents about it. She tells me they're against the idea, and given my experience talking to them in the past, I believe her. She seems determined to leave regardless of the circumstances (most of her stuff is already at the apartment she's moving into) , and she's set up an entire plan to leave without them noticing. It involves me to a high degree, however. I have to take her to the airport, come back home and pretend she left on her own after dropping off at work. I'm wondering how I should handle this situation: should I tell my parents she's moving out of state, should I play ignorant, or should I do something else entirely?
  2. Too cool for leisure?

    It is 8:42PM and I am still working. I have to be up at 5:00AM for my job. Tweets and posts about great movies and books and video games for babies dance around my head like little hedonistic demons. I must resist them. Who else is too busy for free time? Tell me your stories of how you have become a workaholic extraordinaire.