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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. EDIT: it's an itchio! With only a few days left of the jam, some people from the Team Seeking/Recruiting threads have gathered together to make a small game. "The Robot's Lips" will be (subject to any further design changes!) a single-screen platformer where you play as a robot convincing wary humans to love you, with the power of kisses. Possible robophobe cameos include the Idle Thumbs and Will Smith from I, Robot. The team: Atlantic (music) Driadon (coding) DyslexiaKills (coding) ValorianEndymion (art) Vehementa (art) We're all pitching in on design.
  2. [RELEASED] Good... Bye

    Good... Bye So this will be my third wizard jam but my first working with the unreal engine as I want to try something new and break away from unity. It'll also be my first, released 3D game so I'm intending to scope as low as possible by focusing on single rooms and developing levels one at a time. Pitch In Good... Bye you play as Agent Swan who was captured by a super villain, as she tried to evade a series of overly elaborate death traps which come in the form of escape room puzzles motivated by deadly things such as a laser grid or poisonous gas. Basically think James Bond but with something closer to Dr Evil from Austin Powers as the villain, so like 'mad' but sort of comically annoyed at the agent. I currently have plans for three rooms but we'll see how things go. The game will be an fps with minimal interaction and platforming elements in order to keep things simple, instead I'm going to be focusing on narrative and theming as much as possible. Concept Here's concept art for the laser grid room as it currently stands. This will involve solving a puzzle in order to unlock the button to open the door before the laser grid passes the button. The Current Team Game design, programming, and basic 3D modeling: Mythalore Illustration: stesug Music: Joel Whitaker Sound Design: Toby Misselbrook Personal Learning/Stretch Goals for this Jam Using Unreal Engine 3D assets and gameplay VR support (???) Gonna try and update this at least every weekend.