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  1. Post-Jam Update: The game has been released here: Post-Jam Update #2: version 1.1 has been uploaded in place of 1.0, and now includes somewhat proper lighting Hey all, Just posting my first of hopefully many Wizard Jam 5 progress updates. I've abandoned previous notions of fitting in a Walking Sim sequel to Cruisin': For Somethin', and instead am using this fine jam as a chance to learn the ropes of Realtime CSG and make some kind of weird ambient "walk around and touch things" thing. Anyway, here's the progress so far: A part hallway!
  2. RELEASED The game is avaiable on! Post feedback and hiscores! ORIGINAL Hello wizard jammers! My title is BEWARE OF FALLING SAMURAI from Three moves ahead episode 165. The idea is to make an arcade game in the vein of Downwell, where you are going down levels, jumping in peoples faces and slashing them. I want the player to be always moving, so there will be no platforms, you will break falls by sliding down walls like the image below. To make this impossible for me, i will try to make everything with traditional animation with only two colors to give it an manga/anime feel. I'll try to prototype some mechanics tomorrow and keep posting progresss!
  3. Hey everyone! I've decided that I am going to jam again this year and I have a pretty solid idea of what I want to do this time around too; it will hopefully also be more relevant to the title as well, my wizard jam 4 entry was an OK first attempt I guess considering I did everything minus the music. Live From the Past Anyways, I'm going to make a game based on the Important if True 2: Fight Garbage with Garbage. Pitch Fight Garbage with Garbage is going to be a competitive garbage cleanup game, where you and another player have your plot of land on a single 3rd of the screen (Player 1 on the left, Player 2 on the right) and it is your duty to get rid of your garbage. The garbage will be split into two types, recyclables and garbage, and it is your job to make sure you fill your recycling dumpster(tm) with as many recyclable items as possible before the timer runs out, while also keeping your plot of land as free from garbage in general as possible. To do that you need to use your garbage disposal cannon(GDC) to throw your unwanted garbage into the other players plot of land. The other player has to do the exact same thing. Rules There will be a time limit (say 60 seconds), and at regular intervals new items will spawn in the middle 3rd of the map and will slide to either plot at random. The player is able to pick up items from their plot and either deposit it in the recycling dumpster or add it to the cannon as ammunition. The GDC is on a rail that moves on the vertical axis only and it requires the player to mount it to move, aim and fire the garbage the player was holding. It will be possible to fire the garbage directly into the other players recycling, which causes a severe penalty to the player at the end of the round. Thrown garbage can be blocked by either the GDC or the player themselves, which will be handy to block shots being aimed at the dumpster. Garbage that has fallen into the dumpster cannot be removed (might change). At the end of the round, the dumpster items will be counted, giving points to each player for good items and deducting points for garbage found in the dumpster. Points will also be deducted for garbage and recyclables left on the plot. I fully expect players to end up with negative point scores at the end of rounds and I will l surely tweak this once I am actually in the thick of it... Mockup Bad Paint image is bad, but I think it more or less gets the point across of what I've been explaining above. P1 (blue square) is on the left and P2 (red square) is on the right, the center is a no-mans-land that spawns the items, players, have to pickup the items on the floor and make use of the appropriately. The Arrows represent the GDC of either player. The stars represent the recyclable item and the brown fart thing (it was a speech bubble I swear) represents the garbage. There will potentially be quite a bit of art assets to draw, which is going to be interesting to say the least as I am not terribly good at drawing but I definitely like to give it a go . I will aim to make the game 2 player at first, but I will ideally like to do something AI related to allow you to play single player against the CPU. although I realize that the AI, might just be a dumb, pickup first item you see type of thing, but something cleverer would be nice... Like last time, I will try and keep my progress going here as it keeps me motivated and makes me have to do something to show all of you, which I hope you'll enjoy! Thanks for reading all the way through!
  4. Suddenly, the King of France! Hello! This will be my third Wizard Jam and I am stoked to get started! If you want to see my previous WJ games, I was pretty happy with Cool Blob Future and sort of like a few things I did in Devil’s Snuff Box (but not many things). For Wizard Jam 5, I am taking on Idle Thumbs 241: Suddenly the King of France. This will be my first jam game where I go all 3D, so I am going to try and push myself within reason and within the two week time limits. The Pitch: Suddenly the King of France is a puzzle shooter that puts you in shoes of the King of France at the time of the French Revolution. Your goal is to save your hide from the angry masses and earn tons of points while doing so. If you are wondering how the lengthy imprisonment, trial, and sentencing of King Louis XVI will make a fun game, it won’t. So, I’m just mashing a bunch of historical events, stereotypes, and misunderstandings into a scenario that will hopefully be fun! Perched on the top of your castle tower, you must distract and destroy the charging citizens by making them turn their lust for the king’s blood on each other. You’re equipped with a special cannon, precisely firing king accoutrements onto individuals, causing their fellow citizens to toss them onto the guillotines they intended to use to lop off your regal head. Once you tag a citizen with all three pieces of the king’s regalia, the citizenry will turn on that poor plebeian and you’ll earn points. If you shoot the same citizen with the same piece of king equipment, it will destroy both of them and act as a setback. As the citizens continue to flood into the court, they will slowly chip away at your tower, bringing you ever closer to your death and the end of the game. The Mockup: This picture is pretty bad, but it gives an idea of the layout. You are shooting down from a high tower as citizens pour through several doorways, coming to get you! The perspective on this mockup is all off, but I decided to save my energy for really making the game instead of this mockup. Hopefully it’s good enough to give you the idea! Since I am no artist and no modeler, my characters and props are going to be very basic and cartoony, but I think I can create a consistent and fun look that should work. I hope so anyway. The Team: Game design, programming, and bad 3D modeling: Me Voiceover work: Jon Coughlin & YOU?? Music: Joel Whitaker Personal Learning/Stretch Goals for this Jam: · Create all simple 3D models with Blender and ProBuilder · Make basic AI for citizens that complements the “puzzle” elements · Create an online leaderboard? This is a stretch. Want to help out with a game and do it in less than ten minutes? Great! Just send me a quality recording of you yelling some sort of charging growl or grunt sound that you would imagine an angry Frenchman making as he passionately charges into a castle. Send me a link or a file through the forum PMs along with the name you want in the credits! I will try to update this log as best I can, especially with juicy gifs! Thanks for reading!
  5. [Dev Log] Rogue Robot Rogues

    Hi all, I'm going to be working on updating my Wizard Jam game, Rogue Robot Rogues. The plan is to get it to a somewhat final version ready for exhibiting to EGX in September, so as part of this I'm going to be releasing regular updates building up to the leftfield submission at the end of the month and then after that until the conference. So without further ado here is the first update. Rogue Robot Rogues, Version 4.1 - Health Up The main focus of this new version is a power up system. The power ups have a chance to be dropped by shielded enemies, after which they need to be shot and then they will activate an effect. Currently there's only one power up, a health drop which gives back one data orb when collected. The idea with this system is to add longevity to each run of the game, so it's not just entirely downhill from the first loss of an orb. I've got plans for two other power ups at the moment that I'll be working on over the next week. Link: Wizard Jam Post:
  6. Get It Here Fellow Readers and Jammers: We are on our way to creating the next exciting entry in the qwop-a-lunk-a-like genre. You control a human, who is controlling their own thumbs, which are controlling Santa, in the form of a mobile game. Santa must navigate chimneys whilst continuously eating cookies to sustain his own impossibly rapid metabolism lest he perish. Please to enjoy this artist's rendition of the primary game screen in action*. *Actions and screens may or may not contain placeholder assets borrowed from a team of diverse websites.