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Favorite Games

Found 4 results

  1. [Release] Decrepit (GOOD... BYE)

    Update - jam version here: I'm starting this one a bit early because I'll be out of the country from the 18th - 25th. I'm going to make a simple Rogue-like/Brough-like that centers around item durability. The inspiration comes from the Nick Breckon patreon discord. I requested he play a game called Cinco Paus by Michael Brough because I had been thinking about its game design a lot at the time. I like how it took the idea of item discovery and turned it into the game's core idea. Around the same time some folks on the discord were discussing item durability and how it's almost always a terrible mechanic. So for this entry I'm going to attempt to make a game with item durability that's less terrible. I couldn't find a podcast title that really fit the game itself. So i'll just say this is my GOOD... BYE to Wizard Jam and what Idle Thumbs was. I'm working in Unity and I'm going to start with a code base I've been building for years now, because it significantly speeds up my prototyping process. It has stuff I always seem to need like: database management, object pooling, pathfinding, saving, etc. So i'll definitely have a huge head start with this, but I just want to work on the parts unique to this game and not fiddle with the more generic stuff like pathfinding. I started work on it yesterday. I got a player unit spawned and user inputs that make it move with WASD. The unit's movement is also validated to only allow it to move over a floor tile.
  2. Edit: Released! There's still some bugs left to iron out, but overall I'm pretty happy with how this turned out -- even though I don't think it really works as a refined puzzle solver, the experience of repeatedly having a crate snatched out of your hands by yourself from 8 seconds ago is really dumb and good. I should have made this post a few days ago but it slipped my mind. My project for the final Wizard Jam is going to be a surreal first-person puzzle game based around time manipulation. Every eight seconds, a duplicate of you is created and plays the last eight seconds of your actions back in reverse. I have a few ideas for how to iterate on this mechanic, but at this moment relatively few for how to create interesting gameplay, ie puzzles, out of it. I'm hoping to have all the mechanical components complete within the next few days, though, so I should have a solid week or so to get the actual puzzles and levels made. Here's an earlier version of the time reversal mechanic, along with a demonstration of picking up the time reflection and letting it go: Working right now on a more physically robust version where the reflection actually interacts with the environment in a meaningful way, which is a bit trickier. I think it's very achievable, though.
  3. [RELEASE] Disastris!

    Hey everyone! Group of friends and I finished our first Wizard Jam game. Play Tetris while other users submit blocks through Loosely inspired by the jackbox series and designed to be played over a twitch stream. Hopefully we can get a big crowd of people submitting blocks over next weekend, time to be determined!
  4. Download link: Can't believe this thing made it all the way. Really looking forward to the showcase, remember to grab some friends for this one!