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Favorite Games

Found 14 results

  1. Composer for your next project

    Hi all, After all these years as a composer for television, commercials and brand-movies, I am finally following my dream and compose for video games. For all your created worlds, full of wonders, intrigues, adventures and riddles, I will conjure the fitting sonic atmosphere. Let us go on a journey together! Look at my site: or, go straight to my demos: Fantasy Demo 1 Mystery Demo Fungame Demo Fantasy Demo 2 Big Band Demo If you like what you listen to, I would be more than happy to hear from you and collab! Cheers, eNPeCe
  2. We can't believe we're writing this but... after 6 years of development, our game is finally out! (I'm one of the guys on the development team) We are having a heart attack and would like to ask you, (hoping it's ok to do in this forum) to check it out and if that's something you think you might enjoy (an album made as a video game) give it a try and support us on our first day on Steam. "Of Bird and Cage" is the first rock/metal album produced entirely as a story-driven narrative video game, aspiring to establish a new gaming genre of interactive musicals. The project features an array of well-known musicians like Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal (ex-Guns N' Roses) Rob van der Loo (Epica), Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation), Casey Grillo (Kamelot), Rocky Grey (ex-Evanescence), Davidavi 'Vidi' Dolev (Subterranean Masquerade), Kobra Paige (Kobra and the Lotus) and others. IF YOU WANT TO HELP AND SUPPORT, PLEASE WISHLIST ON STEAM:
  3. I am Sam Foster, a freelance composer for video games and films. I'm currently looking for new projects! I've scored many indie games, animation, and film projects. I compose in many genres. For more info (demo reels, contact info, etc.), visit: If you're interested in custom music, contact me via email or on my website's online contact form.
  4. Website for Game Music

    Hello everyone, My name is Iliya Ryakhovskiy and I am a full time music composer. Throughout the years I have completed 100's of compositions with over 800 music related orders for clients from different countries around the world. I am excited to be here where I can collaborate with other talented individuals so that we can work together to create amazing games/projects for everyone to see. If you are interested, come check out my website. There you can listen to what I have completed so far and I also have a page of free tracks that you can use (more added weekly). My goal is not to just add some music that fits, it is to use the right music so that it elevates your game, adds emotion and depth, enhances the story and gameplay. ALL of my work provides: - Unique and uncopyrighted music used nowhere else but in your game. - A 'WORK FOR HIRE' document where I sign off all the rights to you or your company. - Every track is mixed and mastered through analogue gear. - Unlimited revisions to make sure you get exactly what you want. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you.
  5. Music Of The Year 2017

    That's right folks it's time to pick your MOTYs! List your favourite 2017 songs/albums/mixtapes and let your fellow thumbs be enriched by your amazing music tastes! I haven't listened to many albums this year so I'll just list my... Top 5 Tunes Superorganism - "Something for your M.I.N.D." I actually discovered this less than a week ago so perhaps I'm a bit premature in putting it on the list, but I can't think of another song from this year that I've ended up replaying over and over as much as this one. That chorus is an instant earworm. Hercules & Love Affair feat. Faris Badwan - "Controller" This is probably actually my tune of the year. It's really good. Really good. It's almost as good as "Blind". That's how good it is. Charlotte Gainsbourg - "Rest" It's another cool and moody song by that French lady. Produced by one of the Daft Punkers apparently. Mustasch - "Lawbreaker" Swedish hardrockers Mustasch are back with a gloriously dumb song that's fun to scream-sing along to while you're driving. Mavis Staples - "Try Harder" Finally, Mavis Staples with a song about trying to be a better person. That's a message we can all take with us into 2018.
  6. Road Trip Recommendations

    Later this month my SO and I are taking a big road trip from Tampa FL to Sacramento CA. What are recommendations people have for filling ~48 hours in a car over the course of 5-6 days? Podcasts? Music? Audiobooks? Crafts? Books? 3DS games? It's just the two of us, so things that can keep us both engaged are desirable. Things only good for a passenger are discouraged as it is the co-pilot's job to help keep the driver awake and alert. (3DS games can be good if they don't require a lot of reading and can be easily paused or looked away from to carry a conversation) Things that are already on the short list for what's being brought: A trashy teen werewolf romance novel that is the sequel to a pair of books we read over the last 2 roadtrips we took that I will read aloud. The series was written by a former professor that I took classes from at our Alma Mater He has fallen behind in the Adventure Zone, so I'll try to get him up to date I will be taking my knitting project as that's something I can do by myself but still talk while we listen to a book or music
  7. [MUSIC] Music Composer

    Hi all ! I am music composer from Saint-Petersburg. Not sure that anyone needs big text about me here, because the point of this message is my MUSIC PORTFOLIO So, here is a link - My rates are negotiable (You can also read this as "Low and friendly rates") If you have any questions and offers Feel free to contact me: E-mail : [email protected] or Skype: kalinnikov.r Thank you for attention Have a good day KeepListen.
  8. Music of the Year!

    Heyo! It's almost 2015, and we already got a thread on GOTYs (No Movies of the Year thread tho, hmmm...), so I thought, "Hey, music is cool. There was cool music this year. How about we talk about our fav musics?" Anyway, you can make your list or whatever however you like, but here's some suggested categories if you're thinking on that: - Best Albums/Mixtapes of the 2014 - Best Songs/Singles of 2014 - Best Music Video of 2014 - Song You've Played Most This Year (Doesn't Have to Be From 2014) That's all I got for now. Feel free to put links to the songs or w/e, unless it's already been posted. Be sure to give some sort of explanation to each of your picks! Make it one sentence, a whole essay, w/e. With that said, here's the best music I've heard from 2014! Best Albums/Mixtapes (In No Order): Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 2: El-P and Killer Mike at the top of their game. Booming beats by El-P, tighter flow from both El and Mike, as well as much cleverer and hard hitting delivery and lyrics. From songs about murdering and stealing, to songs about fucking, to songs about police brutality and the cost of poverty in America, this album has it all in intense, blood-pumping power. Way better than RTJ1. Here's a sample: Clipping - CLPPNG: Insane industrial glitch beats accompanied by Daveed Diggs' introspective lyrics powered by completely awe-inspiring flow. This is the pinnacle of experimental rap imo. Mick Jenkins - The Water: Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins releases his third mixtape, and it's absolute fucking fire. Smooth, watery (see what I did there) beats and amazing flow and lyrics by Jenkins. Along with people like Chance the Rapper, NoName Gypsy, and Saabo, Jenkins is another in a long line of amazing Chicago rappers. Flying Lotus - You're Dead!: FlyLo is back with his most personal, introspective, and cohesive album. Everything you expect from FlyLo is here: Jazzy, experimental, electronic beats of the most amazing kind. Best Song of 2014: Never Catch Me by Flying Lotus. I cannot stop listening to it. So anyway, that's all I could think of at the moment! Feel free to continue editing your list if you've listened to new stuff, or just make a new post!
  9. Royalty free sounds

    A group of people I used to work with have this ongoing project called All sounds and music are completely free. They recently launched a kickstarter to take their site to the next level. I thought it might be interesting to some of you guys. Just to be clear, I used to work with these people through my old job and I'm not affiliated with the project. I just really want to see them succeed!
  10. Hi everyone, I've got a site up with free music and sound fx that you can use in commerical projects, non-commercial, personal, whatever you like. It's all original...all my own stuff...all I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage. I'm also on Twitter so be sure to follow me for more frequent updates. I sincerely hope the site is helpful. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. Have a great week, Eric
  11. Artists

    This topic is to help get developers and artists together. This can be either visual or audio. If you're an artist seeking a developer, provide some examples of your work and what types of games you'd like to make. If you're a developer seeking an artist, describe what kind of art you're looking for, possibly a game description or prototype if you have one.
  12. Album of the Year, '13

    Sorry if there's already a topic for this. I've only heard a handful of albums this year, but these are my three favourites, with examples. 1) Melt-Banana: Fetch Chirpy Japanese noise-polluters Melt-Banana have released many brilliant albums in the past, but this is, I think, my new favourite. Catchy, consistent, and hugely accessible for newcomers. 2) Carcass: Surgical Steel Scouse death-metallers have taken their sweet time over this release, but the wait has been worth it. 7 years after the so-so Swansong, Carcass are back on form with a release which sounds very similar to Heartwork, their best album in my opinion. Turn up the volume. 3) Melt Yourself Down: S/T Watched these guys play this live in Manchester a few weeks ago. Pound for pound the best gig I've ever seen. Two saxophonists, a bassist, and two drummers ensure that they're as jazzy and danceable as can be. ------------------------------------- What are some of your favourites, and why?
  13. Hot damn, I was surprised to not see a thread specifically about this! Yeah yeah, there is a a whole thread dedicated to music recommendations, and there is a thread about video game music albums. But a thread solely about video game music and nothing else? No where to be found! Lemme fix that. Here are basic guidelines: - It has to be video game music. From Dear Esther to Gears of War and everything in between. Don't let base definitions of "WHAT IS GAME?!1/!?1?" stop you from posting a song. If you think it's a video game and like a song from it, go ahead and post that goddamn song. - You can also post video game music fan remixes and covers. - Three songs max per post - I-I-I-I-I uh...oh, uh, erm, exuberance? And that is all! Lemme commence this train(wreck?) of excitement. I shall start with the FPS national anthem: Now something majestic, epic in scale and grandeur: And finally, the only song in the whole world that makes me sing-along like a nutcase: I'M STIIIIIILL IN A DREAAAAAAAAAAM! SNAKE EAAATEERRRRRRRR!!!!
  14. This is gonna be a very long, esoteric post, so here's the TL,DR: Rio Reiser Rocks! Check out the videos linked below! I've often heard the opinion the we Germans "don't have rhythm" - meant as a slight against our general musical ability (most often expressed by German comedians, incidentally). If I were someone who gave a shit about such broad national stereptypes, my retort would be: "Oh yeah? Well, what about Bach, motherfucker? Or Mozart, or Beethoven, or Haydn, or Schubert, or Schumann, or Schumann (yes, there were two of them) or Wagner, or Orff, or Stockhausen, or even Fucking Zimmer?" But, as the astute reader will most definitely have noticed, there's a catch: Where's the popular music? Hans Fucking Zimmer might qualify - after all he scores pretty much every other Hollywood movie these days, or so it seems. But Rock'n'Roll? Internationally, we've got Kraftwerk, the Scorpions (shudder!) and (God help me I actually like them) Rammstein - and a handful of metal bands for the nerds. Not very much. Not for a people that are world-renowned (or so I'm told) for their deep poetics and philosophical thinking. Shouldn't songwriting come naturally to us? Well... kinda. As much as to any other language group, that is. Native German speakers today number about 120 million - which is, culturally, enough for a fertile native market, but not nearly enough to affect the wider - English - mainstream at large (we're not quite as weird as Japan, thankyouverymuch). Where does that leave native German artists? Well, in a very sad state, that's where. A lot of the (domestically) most popular artists/bands are OK-ish. Die Ärzte, Seed, Xavier Naidoo, Die Fantastischen 4, Sportfreunde Stiller, Die Toten Hosen - they all mostly beat Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber (or whoever's popular these days), quality-wise. (Why yes, I'm old and have no clue whatsoever about popular music. How did you figure *that* out?) Most of them, though? Utter muzak dreck we call Schlager. The less said about that, the better. Nevertheless, there are exceptions. I've wrote way too much already, so let me cut this short: This is about the Godfather of what they call German Rock'n'Roll. The original band was called "Ton Steine Scherben". They started out in 1970, inspired by The Who and the Stones, at a time when *nobody* did Rock Music in that language. They were radically working-class and left-wing - so much so that one of their songs was suspected to be a semi-official RAF anthem. And they rocked. Their lead singer and main songwriter was Rio Reiser. He was later (1986) best known for a (pretty good and actually pretty deep) dinky little pop song called "König von Deutschland". He died on August 20th, 1996, of acute liver failure. He was a gay, deeply Lutheran, anarchist. Rio Reiser was, simply put, the greatest songwriter in the German Tongue. He couldn't sing for shit, but the lyrics he wrote, the melodies he composed and the songs he sang are among the most beautiful waves of sound ever to caress my eardrums. This is, I guess, where this post becomes an experiment. I'm providing no translations (those might come later) nor explanations. All I want from you, dear native speakers of languages that are not German - is an impression. How does this shit make you feel? Keine Macht für Niemand: Jenseits von Eden: Land in Sicht: Der Traum ist aus: Durch die Wüste: Übers Meer: