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Favorite Games

Found 13 results

  1. I am also doing a game in BigJKO's new Cwine engine. It will not be anywhere near as gorgeous as his. I started off doing an adaptation of my Twine game ("The Often Ending Story") to get used to Cwine, help JKO get it to a barebones yet sturdy state and get used to my new (and first ever) graphics tablet. JKO got Cwine to a good Jam state a day or so ago, and I've started to learn to what panel sizes/brushes etc work well, so I'm ready to start on my Jam comic. Thing is, I've done so much work on this test comic, that I think I'm going to stick it in somewhere as a comic on a shelf that the player can pick up and play if they want before returning to the main story at any point. It's a little bit cheaty, as I wrote the original Twine ages ago, but what the hell. So I'm trying to polish that off today, and then get working on the actual story. The only problem: I have no idea what it's going to be about. I was thinking I might make it about the Caillech Bheur, but perhaps contemporise her so I can riff a lot easier. I'm going to aim for a Fiona Staples style of art (though not as good, obviously) with black brushlines and simple shading so that I can bash out cartoony art very quickly and get a relatively big game written (the art for my test comic is semi-purposefully ugly).
  2. Hello! So I was initially planning to sit this one out to work on some other projects, but given that it's going to be the final Wizard Jam, that's not really an option! I was working (not particularly hard) on a jam game in Love2D over Christmas, but that never really went anywhere; I did at least make a nice faux-3D tube out of circles, lines and polygons, that looks something a bit like this: It was going to be a puzzle/platformer where you moved around the tube, and maybe I'll finish it off at some point. Anyway, that's irrelevant! I didn't have anything that I really wanted to work on for this Wizard Jam; I toyed with the idea of making The Octopus in My Mind, which I've had a vague design for (by which I mean I wanted to apply ragdoll physics to an octopus) for a while, but after scouring the episode titles, I landed on Space Boss: The Lord of Space. My plan is to make a procedurally-generated boss-rush shooter in the style of Warning Forever. I'm forgoing PICO-8 and Love2D in favour of picking up UE4 again, though, so I want to make it full 3D (although think of it like a spherical plane surrounding the boss, and you can move forward or back, which expands or contracts the sphere, if that makes sense. Mostly I just want to mess around with proc-gen stuff, and see if I can make a nice system for creating articulated robot ships from lots of component parts. I'm not really expecting to finish anything (as evidenced by my tube, I've not been particularly motivated recently), but I might at least make something cool.
  3. Welcome to Winter Wizard Jam! Use this subforum to write dev logs, recruit team members, and chat about #wizardjam. It’s an itchio! Date: November 28th - December 13th Theme: Winter, Winter Holidays. Special Rule: Diversifiers! Pick any combination (or none at all!) from this list of design restrictions to spur your creativity. The diversifiers are: Note: As with the first Wizard Jam, the theme and diversifiers are completely optional. Most importantly we want to get as much of the community involved as possible. If you have never made a game before now is a great time to start! What do you want to do next? I want to join a team! Head to the team building thread and follow instructions there. I want to contribute content to someone else’s game! Head to the team building thread and follow instructions there. I want to contribute my knowledge as a game making expert! Likely the best thing to do is frequent this forum and help people out as they post in their development threads. Additionally, hanging out in the Idle Thumbs Readers Slack may be a good way to provide more immediate help. Some hot tips on how to get started: (thanks Dino!) As a final note, Wizard Jam Prime, with its episode title theme will return some time in the new year, until then, Happy (winter) jamming everybody!
  4. Late entry, but I've now got a clear run of nothing on until the end of the jam so here I go! I want to make a Katamari-like game about lifting things. Any and all things. Premise is that there are two rival gyms in a city block. You are a weak bro at the smaller gym, who faces the prospect of losing his favourite place to lift. I know this is sounding like the comedy classic Dodgeball, but stay with me. Instead of dodging wrenches, you resolve to lift until you get so swole that you can lift their gym and toss it away like the trash it is. Enter gameplay! The idea is that the player will walk around an open environment trying to lift things. Pot plants, a small dog, stop signs, a car, trees, fire hydrants, etc. By doing so they will gain strength which expands the size/weight range of things they can lift, all the time getting more and more comically buff until eventually it's possible for them to lift the entire opposing gym building and throw it away. Foiling the player will be bros that wander the streets and will lift you, style, if they have greater strength than you. I'm thinking a time limit is the easiest way to introduce difficulty, especially for a jam game where I'm not sure I could program an opposing bro to compete. Challenges I know I'm going to face are: Getting enough objects in the scene to make it fun for the player to experiment picking stuff up; Designing the level so that there isn't just an obvious linear progression; Making the opposing bros not annoying; Keeping it a short and simple experience (max 20 minutes is the aim). So far I've managed to code up the picking-stuff-up bit, but now I need to start either smashing Blender to make a bunch of low-poly assets for insertion into the scene OR try to find the trashiest, most horribly clashing free environmental assets. Anyway, excited to finally join in the JAM.
  5. This title stood out to me this year, and gave me an idea for a kind of physics racing game where you sit on a gamer chair and slide down a hill, collecting cans of Mountain Dew (for a boost) and Doritos (for points). Tactics don't really come into it, but whatever. Here's what I've managed today: As ever, I'm using UE4. The main thing I'm going to have to work out this time is how to have physics-based movement that isn't a total disaster; you can't really tell from the GIF, but the ramps are really flaky. If you're not going fast enough the chair will tip over as soon as it hits them (Something about moving from one piece of collision to another messes with the physics), and even if you are going fast enough there's no guarantee you'll land okay. I'm going to have to look up some vehicle example projects and get some ideas about how to constrain the physics so they behave in a way that makes the game playable. EDIT: v1.0 is out now! v1.1 is out now! DOWNLOAD IT HERE!
  6. Idle Fiction Jam - Rumours and Hearsay

    Well we have a game jam and now we have cocktail jam, so the natural progression is a fiction jam! (Credit goes to clairehosking for suggesting the jam) The basic idea is to write a little short something with all your thumb friends. I was thinking we could steal be inspired by wizard jam with episode title themes. Have a story inspired by any episode title from the network. You can write about Poopwater, New Mexico, In Search Of (Burnout) Paradise or Brendon Chung. Unlike in wizard jam, everyone writes about the same randomly chosen title. That way we see everyone's take on the same title. This is a lot of fun, see the multiple "Build the Nublar"s and "Shoot That Pizza"s from wizard jams. Basic rules: We start a new theme every month on the 4th. We submit our entry every month on the 1st. Entries should be a maximum of 3000 words. When you're ready to show your story, you can post it on tagged with "Idle Fiction Jam". Feel free to add other tags you want of course, this tag just allows us to see all our entries together. Our theme for July 2016 is: A Person-Shaped Thing is a Person We also have diversifiers, optional constraints for you to apply to your ideas, in the hope that it can generate new interesting ideas. Try one, try five or try none if you want! The entries for June's theme Space Boss: The Lord of Space are here: There's also a #fiction-jam slack channel for anyone who wants to go on there for chatting about how the jams will work, or just chatting when we start writing. Here's the thread about the Thumbs slack: discord I think this is the current signup link for the slack:
  7. Team Building - Epistle 3 Jam

    This popped up on the internet this weekend: Half Life 3 Jam There is a little over 2 months to build something. I want to make a FPE game (similar to Eyes of Cheatin Hitman I made for WJ4) with a lot of G-Man in it. I bet in the next two months I can add 15-20 hours of work myself. I have a lot of tools already in place for this type of game, so most of the work will be on art/audio assets, level design, and narrative. I don't have any solid ideas for this, but I'm thinking some sort of comedy following the G-Man during his hours away from work. I would love to get a community of people together working on this, and I'm flexible in whatever we make. I do think that comedy is the only requirement for me Any readers interested in picking away at this for the next two months with me?
  8. [UPDATE] Signature Moves is now released! This is my first game I'm "releasing" into the wild so any feedback (especially what still needs work) is greatly appreciated. [ORIGINAL POST] Hello all, This is my first Wizard Jam, and in fact, my first game jam in general, so I'm basically just following other's lead in making a dev log. I'm a full-time graphic designer, who's dabbled in Gamemaker over the past year or two, so my main goal is to keep the scope of the game limited to things that I already have some idea of how to do. That way I can actually finish it. Enough about me though. In light of my inexperience with coding, I've decided to go with the classic top-down shooter structure. The central mechanic that I started with is that the player does not move his/her character directly (via WASD or arrow keys, for example). Rather, any movement takes place as a result of the player's abilities (Signature Moves if you will), such as the knockback of firing a gun. I was inspired by immersive sims like Dishonored, to experiment with the combination of different mechanics, which I concepted over the weekend. Right now I have a pretty good idea of 8 Signature Moves I would like to include, but am going to hold off on describing them in depth until they're mostly finalized and implemented. Once the Signature Moves are working, the next step is creating enemies, which shouldn't be too difficult, as my plan is just to create an enemy type for each of the player's abilities. That will hopefully leave me this coming weekend to finalize some of the more complex game elements, like how the Signature Moves are selected, leaving the last 5 days for polish, creating a simple progression system, and doing all the things that took me longer to do than I thought they would. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post daily updates, seeing as my first post is already well after the jam started, but I will do my best to do a write up at each of the milestones I described above.
  9. Greetings all! I am a longtime fan of Idle Thumbs, video games, and gamer culture. As such, it has been a dream of mine to make games of my own, and with this current Wizard Jam, I'm planning to do my best to make that dream a reality. Currently, I'm designing a 2D platformer based around the Idle Thumbs episode titled "Real Slyboots," in which you traverse a series of levels in search of the real Slyboots, encountering all sorts of other boots along the way. The ideal game I'm imagining is probably far more than a first-time developer like myself will be able to complete within the two weeks of the jam, but more than anything I'm aiming to get experience developing, and I'll be cataloging that experience on this thread. I'm using GameMaker (which I've gotten little use out of other than casual goofing around) as an engine, and am creating art assets by hand with pen and paper. Finalized drawings will then be photographed on my iPhone and sent to my horribly outdated laptop, at which point I'll clean, tweak, and color them (using Paint.NET). Obviously I recognize that there are more efficient ways of handling asset work, but I find this process to allow for quick transitions between concept -> creation -> correction -> implementation. In my parting words, I'd like to say that advice and criticism alike are welcome, and that I'm both excited to take part in my first jam as well as eager to witness the fruits of everyone else's labors. Thank you and good luck!
  10. SHOOT THAT PIZZA Here's my (super late) release for Wizard Jam 2016. It's, uhm, a thing. Find it here: Or here: But not here: The game was created in less than 48 hours on very little sleep - so I haven't had time to debug or test it properly. Please let me know if you're having troubles installing or playing it!
  11. Game Jams

    Cyberpunk gamejam:
  12. Get It Here Fellow Readers and Jammers: We are on our way to creating the next exciting entry in the qwop-a-lunk-a-like genre. You control a human, who is controlling their own thumbs, which are controlling Santa, in the form of a mobile game. Santa must navigate chimneys whilst continuously eating cookies to sustain his own impossibly rapid metabolism lest he perish. Please to enjoy this artist's rendition of the primary game screen in action*. *Actions and screens may or may not contain placeholder assets borrowed from a team of diverse websites.
  13. After The Wizard Jam, it seemed everyone couldn't contain their enthusiasm for doing another. Many people were suggesting we do one sooner than a year even, but some Grinches like myself suggested it would take away the magic if it occurred too frequently. The demand for jams was so persistent though, it was decided another jam must be held, and instead of taking all the wizard's magic, why not borrow some magic from the approaching season? Winter Wizard Jolly Jam (I'm not married to this name btw) What is it? An Idle Thumbs community game jam. Much like Wizard Jam, community involvement and encouraging people to try their hand at making a game are key components. What are the Rules? Make something. What's the Theme? Winter, Winter holidays, Idle Thumbs stuff, whatever you want. When does it take place? How long? A two week period sometime in or around December, vote here. Are you interested? Will you participate? Does the format, theme, and time frame feel right? Please make suggestions if you have them!