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  1. It's coming out on steam June 26th! It's a reset from The Secret World, no characters are copied over, some cosmetics, some subscriber perks are though. It's a f2p game, it's no longer an MMO, they remade the combat which was easily the worst part. I saw it has a better tutorial now. It's a single player f2p always online game, where you can invite your friends to your instance. All the dungeons have been changed from 5 person parties to 3 person parties. This is still the game that has you potentially looking up book ISBN codes on Google to solve investigation missions (these are not commonly found missions), or looking up hints/solutions for them on a fan website. I was VERY torn over necroing an old thread from 2009 or making a new one so I'll do a 50/50 compromise and link the old one: