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Found 1 result

  1. Tom Clancy, in collaboration with Ubisoft, bring you The Division. New York has been ravaged by a virus that's probably a terrorist attack, and The Division is some sort of probably government agency sent in to clean up, establish order, and get some FAT LOOT with a bunch of mod slots. From what I've been able to watch and gather, it's a 3rd person/1st person cover based not-massively-but-still-multiplayer story driven shooting game. You level up, pick perks, get guns and gear of increasingly rare color, and probably a story. The big hook is a place called the Dark Zone, a still-contaminated area where The Best Gear is. You can get a crew together and go in there, but the zones (in the beta) can have up to 30 players in them at a time. Everyone is neutral, until they're not. To get gear out of the zone, you have to call in an extraction, and everyone in an area is alerted. They can kill you, Go Rogue, and take your gear. Or you could quietly extract with your crew. I was mildly interested and more than a little skeptical until the closed beta opened this weekend at the end of January. Actually seeing it in action gives me vibes of Destiny, the weird MMO thing Defiance that was a tie-in with a scifi channel tv show, and the Dark Zone has some of the tension of being in a city you know is populated in DayZ. I didn't get into the first round of the beta, but I am way more interested than before I got to watch more than 10+ minutes of live gameplay. The best thing about it so far is the UI. The UI looks INCREDIBLE. I know that's weird. Anyone in the beta, or have more than a passing interest?