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  1. Hey everyone, an interesting question was recently posted about forum members and their geographic dispersion around the world - Original post It seemed like a fairly neat idea and the online spreadsheet/database software my company uses...for just about everything...has a very elegant solution Heres how it works - Fill out this web form with as much information as you'd like - Web Form After completing it'll automatically link you to a world map with pins for each entry that is submitted. Primarily it works on postal codes, but as some parts of the world do not use them a City & Country should suffice. And if you're only interested only in the map or want to check back in as populates further - Idle Thumbs World Map Please let me know if there are any comments, questions, or your entry is not showing up. I look forward to seeing the far reach of the show and forum contributors 08/06/15 - I just realized i never published the actual spreadsheet driving this map. With the way pins are doubled up on the map this will least be a searchable/filter-able way to find everyone near by or in a specific city. It doesn't have any info that is not already on the map pins Idle Thumbs Map Database