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Found 1 result

  1. Is Posting Threads Busted?

    I CANNOT FIX THE THREAD TITLE (long story) so please imagine that the title is: Nick Breckon and Porpentine: Same Person? Twins? This is "Fuck" Nick Breckon - Idle Thumb, game developer at Telltale Games, PC gaming enthusiast, Machiavellian schemer, former Bethesda employee: This is Porpentine: indie game developer, Twine evangelist, Rock Paper Shotgun columnist, professional weeper, curatrix on Free Indie Games, trash harpy, queer tranarchafeminist: Click me (large image) The resemblance, I submit, is uncanny. Possible Explanations F. Nick is Porpentine Evidence: 1. Both the Breckon and the Porp are game designers who focus largely on narrative. Despite having recently released Armada, a game with graphics where you attack stuff with slime and so on, Porpentine is mostly known for her Twine games. Breckon, meanwhile, has a writing credit on The Walking Dead: 400 Days and is now working on the second season of The Walking Dead. The skillsets and interests of these two game developers clearly lie in narrative games that they spend their time writing.... 2. Nick is a master of disguises - see the following picture: 3. I have never seen them in the same room together. Porpentine has never been on Idle Thumbs, for instance. 4. They look a lot alike! Possible Issues: 1. Nick is a dude and Porpentine is a lady. 2. Porpentine's hair looks like hair, not a wig. So it's unclear how she can have long hair while Nick has short hair if they are the same person. Likelihood: MEDIUM. Further investigation required. Nick and Porpentine are Twins Evidence: 1. They look a lot alike! 2. Both speak of having played video games growing up, but Porpentine often talks of consoles, like the N64, whereas Nick is much more of a PC gamer, with fond memories of TIE Fighter and so forth. They grew up both enjoying games, but they couldn't both play on the PC or on the consoles, so they agreed to split. Porp got the consoles, Breckon the computer. 3. We don't know Porpentine's last name. It could be Breckon. Possible Issues: 1. Nick has never mentioned sisters, and Porpentine has only mentioned a sister. Unless Nick is the sister Porpentine speaks of, and unless Nick never speaks of his sister, we have an issue. Likelihood: MEDIUM. Further investigation required. They Have Nothing to do with Each Other Evidence: 1. This is the null hypothesis, so to speak. Most people have nothing to do with each other. Possible Issues: 1. Have you looked at the pictures? 2. They both like video games. Likelihood: MINIMAL. I would not bet money on it. Thoughts?