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Found 9 results

  1. The Adventures of Sunshine's Farm I'm working on "The Adventures of Sunshine's Farm" game, it's world of tiny Farmers on top of sky, where they grow giant Vegetables, defend the Farm from evil Enemies and more. It's a different type of Farming Adventure with interesting gameplay. You can try the game to support. Game Link: Any comment or feedback would be appreciated. Any comment or feedback would be appreciated.
  2. We can't believe we're writing this but... after 6 years of development, our game is finally out! (I'm one of the guys on the development team) We are having a heart attack and would like to ask you, (hoping it's ok to do in this forum) to check it out and if that's something you think you might enjoy (an album made as a video game) give it a try and support us on our first day on Steam. "Of Bird and Cage" is the first rock/metal album produced entirely as a story-driven narrative video game, aspiring to establish a new gaming genre of interactive musicals. The project features an array of well-known musicians like Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal (ex-Guns N' Roses) Rob van der Loo (Epica), Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation), Casey Grillo (Kamelot), Rocky Grey (ex-Evanescence), Davidavi 'Vidi' Dolev (Subterranean Masquerade), Kobra Paige (Kobra and the Lotus) and others. IF YOU WANT TO HELP AND SUPPORT, PLEASE WISHLIST ON STEAM:
  3. Hello, I'm currently searching for additional talented and passionate members for our team that's creating a small horror game. About the game: The game would be a small sci-fi/post-apocalyptic survival horror 3D game with FPS (First person shooter) mechanics and an original setting and story based in a book (which I'm writing) scene, where a group of prisoners are left behind in an abandoned underground facility. It would play similar to Dead Space combined with Penumbra and SCP: Secret Laboratory, with the option of playing solo or multiplayer. Engine that'd be used to create the game: Unity About me: I'm a music composer with 4 years of experience and I'm fairly new in this game development world, and I'm currently leading the team that'd be creating this beautiful and horrifying game. I decided that making the book which I'm writing into a game would be really cool, and I got more motivated about doing so some time ago when I got a bunch of expensive Unity assets for a very low price. However, I researched about how to do things right in game development so I reduced the scope of it as much as I could so that's why this game is really based in a scene of the book and not the entire thing. Also I'm currently learning how to use Unity and learning how to program. Our team right now consists of: Me (Game Designer, Creator, Music Composer, Writer), 3 3D Modelers, 3 Game Programmers, 1 Sound Effect Designer, 1 Concept Artist, 1 3D Animator and 1 Community Manager. Who am I looking for: We are looking for a talented and passionate 3D Character Modeler who is experienced with organic modeling and is able to create characters and horror creatures. Right now the game is in mid-early development and you can see more information about it and follow our progress in our game jolt page here: . We expect to finish some sort of prototype in 2-3 months from now. This is a contract rev-share position If you are interested in joining, contributing or have questions about the project then let's talk. You can message me in Discord: world_creator#9524
  4. Hello, I have an idea for a game: It would be just like a traditional Real-Time Strategy game, but with a twist: the user is given the ability to write AI for their units. There would be a a development mode of the game where you could access basic unit functionality (like move here, move there, attack, etc.), and basic information (like type and position of enemy units you have detected), and write your own AI. I think this would be really cool , both for people who already know how to code, and for people just starting to learn. It occurs to me that it would be waaaay easier for me to modify an existing open source game to add this functionality than it would be for me to write my own RTS game from stratch. Like probably the difference between me being able to do it and not (I am doing this on the side of my day job). However, I think it would be cool to at least try to make money from this game. So I was looking into licensing, and it looks like almost all open source games are released under the GNU GPL license, meaning that they are legal to modify and redistribute, even for money, provided that the mod is also released under GNU GPL, and provides the source code. This makes sense, but it of course makes it difficult to make money selling a game, because anyone who buys it can then redistribute it for free if they choose. I also read about the GNU Limited GPL (LGPL), which looks like closer to what I want--open source stuff that can be included in proprietary works. You don't have to provide the source code for your modification. It looks like you have to clearly separate your work from the LGPL work by using them as dynamically linked libraries, or something like that. I'm not sure how technologically viable that is for my idea yet. I tried to find RTS games made with this license. I might have found one (Evolution RTS:, but it's ambiguous, and I'm unsure. Generally though, it seems like LGPL might be more of a thing for tools like game engines rather than whole games. One idea I have is to modify a regular GPL game, then host it with servers for competitive play on some site like steam. I of course wouldn't advertise that the code is open source, but people would probably be able to get the game itself for free in this way if they looked into it. However, they wouldn't be able to play it competitively against other people without paying on steam. Any advice? I'd be happy to hear feedback on the legal issue and/or the idea in general. Thanks!
  5. Era Of Brutality

    Hey guys and girls, my first post here... looking for some advice and ideas to help build a massive world that is perfect for gamers. The game starts with 4 main races, each with specific abilities and racial bonuses, each starting area is huge! We need help with python programming too, it is a struggle atm, but we are plowing through! Game: Era Of Brutality - MMORPGMid game progress of production, hoping to release alpha in the coming months.Screenshots: aimed at PC only atm, but might be looking at porting onto console at some point.Feedback: Looking for feedback on the look so far, what type of things put you off MMORPG games, what would you like to see added? We are working hard to push this game forward!
  6. Brigador

    Great Leader is dead. You have one night to liberate Solo Nobre. What is it? As they say on the website: "Brigador is an isometric vehicular action game. Choose the right vehicle and weapons to suit your play style, and face off against the occupying factions. Discover tactics and unlock new vehicles and weapons as you clear the city or die trying, then do it all over again." It has been compared to Syndicate, Crusader: No Remorse, and Jungle Strike. Despite being in early access the game play loop is already tight and refined, more along the lines of Hotline Miami. You can dive in for a few minutes of action, or alternately spending a couple of hours trying to achieve the perfect run. One thing that it is not is a twin-stick shooter. There are several systems being modeled under the hood, including ballistics and penetration, which means that it takes skill to make sure that you don't over or under shoot your targets. That along with the tank-style controls, means that each successful run feels well-won. There are a handful of very different vehicles to start off with: tanks, mechs, and anti-grav; all of which require their own play style and tactics. They will be including more in subsequent updates, along with maps, and more enemy factions. In fact in the first update post-launch they should be adding in these bad boys to play with: Loyalist Light Mech Spacer Tank Corvid Anti-Grav Here are a few early access review/play-throughs as well: Who did that awesome soundtrack? The soundtrack is from Makeup and Vanity Set, and they are actually making even more tracks than are currently in the early access release. It should be over 2 hours total and will be available as a separate purchase eventually too. Here is a taste:
  7. I'm looking for a computer within the $300 - $350 range with same or higher specs presented in those Potato Masher videos so far (e.g. looking for Witcher 3 running at 30 fps on 1080p at high settings, runs GTA V at 60 fps on 1080p at the highest settings). Unfortunately, the parts for the Potato Masher are not as cheap as initially stated in the video introducing the rig right now. Here's a link to the video: Luckily, I've found a few builds for the same price or cheaper on YT and PC Part Picker which look to have similar parts comparable to the Potato Masher (PM) build, but I'm not sure about how they would run compared to the PM. I also wanted to dabble around with some game recording to archive some moments in game design I liked in specific games for future reference. Note: I'm not looking to stream games, low- or high-end games included. I have a TV I'm using for a makeshift monitor which runs up to 1080p, so I can generally run most games at a good framerate at that resolution based on the PM specs. I also have a basic keyboard and mouse for use in other games. For reference, I'll post the PM parts here: -Case: Cooler Master Wavemaster -CPU: Intel i5 750 -Cooler: Arctic Silver 11 GT -Motherboard: Asus P7H55 -Power: EVGA 430w -Memory: 4gb OCZ DDR3 -HDD: 320gb Samsung Spinpoint -GPU: MSI GTX 760 Below are some builds for similarly priced builds that I want to know are closed to the PM. All of the builds' prices have been vetted for: if they say "$300" or "$350" they are currently around that price. Some of these builds were initially advertized as costing $350, but the parts are currently dramatically lowered - some down to under $250! Some of the builds only use an AMD APU for all the grpahics processing, but I kept them on here just to get some feedback on them. -$300 build 1 -$300 build 2 -$300 build 3 -$300 build 4 -$300 build 5 Which one should I get for a similar or better PM experience? I'll be buying them during the weekend to get started on the build some time next week.
  8. Been following some friends of mine as they've nurtured their precious Little One through production, and now it's all grown up and I'm so proud to see it out in the wide, wide world. It's a local-multiplayer punch-em-up! Out now on PC, coming to XBONE early next year. I've played an in-progress version at a local indie event and it felt really good. More demanding and intricate than I was expecting it to be based on the visual style (YMMV). I'm looking forward to playing the finished version, but alas I don't have anything that'll run it. <sigh> The local-multiplayer genre seems to be pretty well-stocked these days, so I hope these guys are able to get their fair share of attention. If any of you folks end up giving it a shot, share your thoughts here! I'm interested to see what everyone thinks! More info over here at *Disclaimer: I know the devs, but they neither paid for nor encouraged this posting, nor do they necessarily endorse this post and they don't even know I put it here, I'm just so excited for them. EDIT: Clearly I don't know how to embed a video. Oh well.
  9. So this is something that I have had bubbling inside me and it's time to vent. I know it's somewhat gauche to whine as what is possibly only my fifth post, but perhaps I'll get a sympathetic ear. But as a tl,dr - Modern Gaming is Less Accessable to Visually Impaired Gamers. Also any suggestions on how I can improve my lot, and any other stories of people who've found disability becoming more of an issue in gaming. So I've been at this gaming malarky for a couple of decades now, but even before that (since I was born in fact) I've had quite a severe visual impairment, among other maladies. Without boring you with details my retinas are scarred and I'm myopic, which means small detail is difficult for me to pick up, and I have to get close to things to see them. And I just want to lay out things that have become part of modern gaming that have made enjoying my favourite hobby more difficult than once it was. 1 - Online Passes So everyone hates online passes, yes? Awkward codes that must be typed in using a controller to unlock content. But those codes are so muddily printed in such a confusing font, in what seems like grey ink most of the time. I kid you not I am more often than not forced to take photographs of the little cards that come in my new console games using my phone and zoom in on them. I've even had to resort to uploading them to my PC to be able to see the digits, and when 0 looks like O, j looks like i, G looks like Q or O or 0 or even B. 1 looks like...look, you get the idea. I implore game makers, if you're going to insist on packing these codes in? 14pt Arial Bold please! 2 - Screen Resolution/UI scaling So I run from the console and drop a load of cash on a decent gaming PC, and though online codes are still there one may just copy and paste. But a new problem has reared its head. I crank up the resolution to see the games in all their glory and, to my horror, many games do not allow UI scaling. I've literally had to ask for refunds of games that had no demo and an unusable UI. Strategy games are the worst for this, and I'm a big strategy fan. I can turn the resolution down and sometimes the UI is usable, but then the game will look far worse and I'm wasting all that processing power I spent two months wages on. 3 - Motion Control An entire section of gaming control that requires you to be further than a certain distance from the screen. Move, Kinect and Wii - all useless to me. I suppose I could set their sensors up behind the TV or to the side, but that's hardly ergonomic, and I literally have to be within one or two feet of most screens to see them. Am I just going to have to accept there's going to be a whole group of games I'll never get to play? Am I even missing out? 4 - Head Mounted Displays (Though this may be slightly positive) I pondered a solution to the motion control issue, and then thought about HMDs. But anything available in the commercial space is useless. The phrase "Like sitting eight feet from a 60 inch TV" does not sell something to me. If it said "Like sitting 6 inches from a 19 inch TV" I'd be down. I've even had shop demonstrations of video glasses and they just don't work for me. However, the reports of the Oculus Rift certainly give me hope, with the idea of a screen that takes up my whole field of view, along with 3D. Seeing will be believing. All the way up to the end of the last console generation there was very little keeping me from my games. All the way from the NES up to the PS2 and PC pre 2005 or so was a fine time. But resolutions go higher and the assumption that a person can see lots of small detail or be more than six feet from their screen just does me in. I can assume that people with physical impairments are probably not happy with the motion control developments too. Should I even complain? The disparate, broad nature of physical and mental impairments that can hamper a person's enjoyment of the interactvie medium would make accessibility for everyone almost impossible. But I can't help but feel aggreived that every current innovation in gaming is making it hard for me to enjoy games. What is a reasonable request. Oh, and one shout out to Civilization 5, and the option to disable UI scaling along with a gorgeously usable UI treatment. Bravo Firaxis. Bravo.