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Found 1 result

  1. A Song Of Ice And Fire

    There's been some talk about this series in the "Books, books, books..." thread already, but I think they deserve their own thread. I don't read much hard fantasy, so I was worried when I started on these that they'd be a real slog. I was surprised to find them to be an easy, entertaining read, that I'm quickly getting addicted to in that "stay up all night/miss your bus stop to keep reading" kind of way. It's very fast-paced and has a satisfying pattern of set-up then pay-off. Book 2 slowed right down for the first quarter, though. I suppose I need to expect the books to build to a climax then defuse at the start of the next one in order to start building again. I'd be interested to hear others' opinions. I'm halfway through Clash Of Kings (book 2), and haven't watched the tv series, so be careful with your spoilers, please! One specific thing I'm wondering about is the chapter in Game Of Thrones (book 1) where I assume I'm just wondering if I'm supposed to have already gleaned anything more from that, and if it's still an open thread (I'm assuming it will become more relevant as ).