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Favorite Games

Found 4 results

  1. As we all know, Assassin's Creed is skipping 2016 in order to polish the next entry in the series and possibly begin the switch to a bi-annual release schedule. ( This will be the first year since 2008 that will not see a major Assassin's Creed release. How are you all planning to spend this brief reprieve? Hopefully you are not driven to clamber up any unsafe structures in order to revisit the urban observation platforms you crave. I also caution you against getting drunk and shoving people on the street while wearing a hoodie. Anyways, there's always the AC movie that is literally actually coming out this year starring Micheal Fassbender and will assuredly not be awful. (I like most of the assassin's creed games but am looking forward to this break, even though I already didn't play Syndicate)
  3. Assassins Creed Unity

    Next gen starts [here]? [Let them eat cake]? Man, i wish those were environments in Dark Souls
  4. History in Video Games

    Hi everyone, On one of the recent Idle Thumbs Podcasts, the crew briefly discussed Oregon Trail, which got me thinking about the use of history in video games more generally. I wrote this essay on the topic for a history website associated with my university. I'm new to Idle Forums, but I've heard from a friend that they are filled with intelligent folks that are into video games. I'd love to have everyone's thoughts on the essay or just on the use of history in video games. Do you ever play a game primarily because it deals with a certain historical topic or time period? Do you ever feel like you learned something from a historical game? Do you think the gaming industry is capable of producing historical content that is just as compelling as a historical novel or period film? What are your favorite historical games?