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  1. Can we trade coal for coal and then get an extra coal for that? Bleh. I'm kind of ignoring this campaign, but I'll gladly trade away

    * my single piece of coal

    * Dota 2 gift??? I don't know how I got this

    * Half-Life (1) gift

    * Puzzle agent gift

    * Half-Life 2 Episode One gift

    * Any Team Fortress hats or stuff, since I don't play that game

    BTW Alice for 12.50€. Sounds good? I'll probably not getting it though, as I am very unlikely to find the time to play it.

    holy crap I haven't checked the thread in a day and my last response is already a couple of pages buried :fart:

    Anyways, Erkki, if you wouldn't mind trading coal for coal(to get the extra coal) I'll do it. I've added you as I didn't already have you on steam so when you accept we should be able to go ahead and trade :)

  2. Merry Christmas my fellow thumbs. If anyone is interested in trading coal for, well coal to get the steam achievement let me know and we can give it a whirl :).

    Also, if you haven't already bought the Humble indie bundle 4, you should. I just bought it this morning and now have 12 games, all for about $5.50 :D pretty chuffed :grin:

  3. Oh, something I didn't mention. You can still be summoned to help someone else for a boss you've already done. So if you beat a boss and enjoyed it, or just want to help others out and get some souls and humanity, you can just put your summon sign somewhere convenient (the latest bonfire before the boss is often used if it's close enough) and potentially get summoned in for it.

    I just thought about asking this :) thanks for info :tup:

  4. Yeah, invasions can be annoying. I just want to make sure you're aware - when summoning others into your world you're not placing anything, you just find their sign and use it. To be summoned into someone else's world you use the white summoning sign, and you can do that whether you're human or hollowed. It's a good way to get some souls and see parts of an area you might not have already done yourself.

    It does, yes. Clearing a boss basically turns off multiplayer (except for messages, I think) in that area. It's worth noting, though, that there are actually more "areas" in the game than there are named areas. For example there are two separate bosses in Undead Burg, one in upper and one in lower - the name is the same and you'll never get a new area name popping up if moving between them, but there is an invisible dividing territory line.

    Well that's definitely good to know :) I've just realised what you meant about the summon signs and actually attempted to take on the

    gaping dragon

    with Solaire and another person and it was pretty sweet although I did die :( but hey that's part of the experience :P

  5. Were you doing it while Hollow on your own? If so I can understand the feeling of accomplishment, but if you'd reversed the hollowing and been in human form before going into the fight you could have summoned Solaire to help you, and probably another player as well if you were online. The gargoyles fight is almost designed to be done with 2-3 people.

    Yup, did it all on my own whilst hollowed :(. I actually attempted what you suggested. Turned into human form at bonfire by the blacksmith after 10 or so tries, headed into the church, took out all enemies on the first floor, proceeded to get invaded by a thief with lightning daggers who tore me a new one and never got the chance to place the summon stone where I wanted.

    That experience actually made me nervous to ever go into human form again as i lost my humanity and 4k of souls. I've now been in human form since going to the new area though and have been invaded once (not by the same guy thankfully :P), whom I successfully dispatched :) I think that was down to me having upgraded my longsword to be magic longsword +1 :D

  6. So I've been playing this for about 2 weeks now and I'm really enjoying it.

    I started with a knight because of the high starting armour and stats and I think it really helped me get to grips with the mechanics in the game (I never played Demon Souls). I managed to ring the first bell, that boss fight probably took me about 20 attempts :( and hearing other players ringing that bell whilst I was trying to do it myself just made me want to succeed even more. Was the greatest feeling of accomplishment I think I've had in any other game in recent times.

    Also I've spent just under 20 hours in the game already and I've just entered

    the Depths

    . I think I'm probably way behind for the amount of hours I've played :S but I don't mind, I'm enjoying every moment of it :D

  7. So I've spent near enough the past month trying to finish off some games and have actually been quite successful :)

    First up was Bioshock 1. It was quite good although I could feel it's age (if that makes sense to anyone lol), it's one of those games where I get motion sickness with :/ and it only tends to happen with older games. The story was really good and I really enjoyed the plasmids and the latter half of the game, although I found the end boss relatively easy.

    Next up was Donkey Kong Country Returns. Played the entire game in coop with my wife. It was extremely frustrating at times and I found the last world fairly unbalanced. We struggled incredibly to get past the first level but then breezed through the next 3 or 4 lol. Overall it was really enjoyable, even though my wife struggled at times but thankfully I could just get Diddy on Donkey's back and play through the harder parts myself.

    I also finished off World of Goo on the Wii. I've had it since it released a couple of years back but never got round to finishing it off. I was quite surprised that the game kept coming up with new goo ball types and other stuff, all the way till the end of the game really enjoyed it. :)

    Finally I bought and finished W40K Space Marine on PS3. The story was fairly average and the single player campaign got repetitive near the end but the online is by far the shining point of this game! The customization, classes, weapons and perks work really well and give you that carrot on a stick to keep playing and trying to use all of the weapons regularly for the Weapon and Armour Challenges. I'm still playing this one online now as it's really fun, also Relic are releasing the coop "Horde" mode at the end of the month, so more good times :D

    Next in cooker I've got Metro 2033 which I'm really enjoying so far, and Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising. I've managed to plow through quite a few games this past month, but I've made it worse overall because on top of the games I already had waiting to be played, I've just got all them games from the humble bundle :fart:

  8. I'm definitely buying it, but seeing as I've just come back from a holiday and have just paid flights for next year's holiday, I'm going to have to wait until the end of the month most likely.

    I really enjoyed the demo, it pretty much gave that sense of being a totally bad ass space marine captain, just like in the table top games where the captain could just wade into a hoard of orcs and take down a good chunk of their squad before they'd start dealing out their damage :D Also I'm totally biased towards 40K stuff in general and getting the chance to play as a single marine in an action game is just freaking awesome :)

    It will probably end up being a shallow action filled romp through the 40K universe, but I'll enjoy it all the same.

  9. I would love for them to announce a new DQ for the 3DS.

    Also Rodi, I suppose you're right in that the games weren't technically "Free", however I was willing to pay that price for the 3DS, yes it really sucked they lowered the price a few weeks after I got mine, but at least they were nice enough to give us some games for having bought the device early. The GBA list seems pretty sweet though :)

  10. I was actually pleasantly surprised by Wrecking Crew, had no idea what I had to do at the beginning but it became fun once I figured it out. DK Jr is ok as well, Ice climbers is still as meh as I remember it when I was younger.

    I still haven't tried out the NES Golf or Zelda 2 but I can't complain overall seeing as they're free

  11. So I seem to clearly suck at searching through the boards and I just happened to see this thread from awhile back.:(

    here's my code: 1289-8325-5420

    I'll add you all and hopefully at some point there'll be some nice multi-player games we can all play.

  12. IL totally play with you! :D if your ok with a complete noob thais? :P i really want to enjoy it, but dont have any PC gaming mates :/ just add me on steam, my page is...

    I've already got ya added mate(my Steam avatar is the cookie monster ;) which I think I'll actually make my forum avatar)

    This weekend's no good for me though but I'd defo be up for it next week

  13. Haha, why yes. But mostly it was just my favorite subtle joke in Grim Fandango and one that is near and dear to my heart because as a Mexican I put lime and salt on nearly everything I eat.

    Coolios. I vaguely remember Grim Fandango, wasn't really into PC gaming much when it came out and remember playing through the first 10 or so minutes of it when I was 15ish...

    Being from the Mediterranean we tend to put salt and lemon on many of our foods as well :tup:

  14. I guess I was lucky to get paired up to someone who was both patient and found the friendly fire deaths funny because I kept doing that to him near the end of our session :P

    I'd definitely be up for some multiplayer if any other thumbs are up for it. Today might be difficult as it's my nephew's birthday but I'd be up for it any other time :D

  15. So I got this game gifted to me by a friend for my Birthday and all I have to say is that this is fucking awesome!!

    I've played it for about 3 hours straight and got to the 8th Chapter.

    God I love this game, the humour is really good and the only reason that I stopped was because my hands were getting tired and I was just casting the wrong spells over and over and I kept killing this other guy I was playing with... let's just say he wasn't very amused after killing him about 15 times within a 10 minute time frame.

    Anyways, awesome game.

    Also Vlad is awesome, especially how he constantly reassures you that he isn't a vampire :D

  16. Friend codes still need to be exchanged mutually, otherwise you can't see each other online.

    And there's no messaging system.

    So it's still kind of meh.

    awwww... and here I was getting excited. Well it's kind of like a side step from the Wii then, you can now see who's online but can't message them :tmeh:

    but is it 1 friend code for the entire thing? because that was the worst thing about the Wii and DS in general.