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  1. Very interesting art-style indeed. For some reason when I see "Origins" I think of Wolverine Origins which is like the complete opposite of what this game conveys - happiness, bright colors, fun versus gritty, dark, violence.

    I have only briefly played Rayman a couple times, mostly the third one - just another thing on my Backlog.

  2. Clearly it should be called "D333 33 III". I have never played the second one; however, I do own it... just haven't found a reason to pick it up based on what I have heard. I would just rather fall in love with the first one again... which is what I may do in the future.

  3. Why are you playing MMO if you have a backlog?:(

    The backlog is important, but not more important than trying new things and having fun. MMO's fill a certain need I have once and awhile. I'm not playing any MMO's currently (since I have started the backlog), but no doubt will play one in the future even with a backlog. I feel the same way about Multiplayer experiences in general as well, such as Team Fortress 2 which I have been playing in between my backlog. I know it goes against your rules :(

    I tried backloggery for a while, but it was missing a few features that I wanted, so I transfered my lists to Giant Bomb, which has the searchable database and the boxart.

    I feel this is a good thing. I'm going to have a lot of obscure games that don't appear in any database whatsoever eventually when I get my whole backlog loaded up - cover art is important but becomes irrelevant with all the different versions/regions/releases of artwork that don't match your own. It's a very open environment which is a bad thing in a sense - nobody is beholden to anything, there's no "standard" for adding games. The ROM thing is definitely an issue like Tanukitsune said. But those things I'm willing to part with some "control/standardization" for the ability to have a cool public list and interface that Backloggery offers.

  4. Tanukitsune, ever since you introduced me to this service I've been thinking about games constantly... and more about beating them. It strives to solve my biggest regrets about myself as a gamer: never finishing shit. I've also been looking for a service like this to track my games in general - I even add MMO's and multiplayer games on here with a NULL value just to track myself analytically - OCD?

    The admins even responded to one of my emails requesting an exporting function - which they said was already in the works.

    I've been pretty active of late with a spiffy new header design and everything:


    I've been searching around the Idle Thumbs forums and can't seem to find other people that are on The Backloggery? Would be nice to get them on my friends list if possible.

  5. From what I've heard, reversed engineered hardware since the original hardware patents are expiring/expired. But since there is three of them, this would only be true if there was three separate processors inside this thing - which could very well be true, or maybe simply different configurations for one generic processor? I'm not a hardware kind of guy so I have no clue. Probably magic.

  6. I've been getting progressively more and more depressed lately. I pulled one of my NES consoles out the other day to play some Fester's Quest (don't hate me)... and it didn't power on. Luckily I had a back-up. A few weeks later, I was craving some Jurassic Park for the SEGA Genesis... only to find my genesis seems to be in some type of magnetic battle with my TV - the picture is too distorted now, something to do with the video output, it's broken. I do not have a back-up. Luckily I have two SNES consoles and they are both fine (for now). I'm depressed because it's getting harder and more expensive to keep replacing these aging consoles. Emulation is fine, but I'm a collector... I want to play these carts on my 42" LCD sitting/laying on my couch.

    I've looked at a lot of these "hybrid" new consoles but most of them are reviewed poorly; however, something new hit the market: The RetroN 3.


    From what I can gather from online, it truly is the best hybrid machine out there right now - and best of all, this is the only unit with SNES/NES/GEN support AND support for their original controllers. It's pretty cheap too. I think I am going to get this. Anybody have any insights on this situation?

    There has been noted compatibility issues with these types of systems with newer/advanced carts like Super Mario RPG... but haven't heard about things like that for this one.

  7. I'd just like to say, Piriform is probably one of the best software companies out there. I mean, look at their FREE products... they are amazing. Besides that, I've been in some similar situations and have had success using Zero Assumption Recovery - another free tool. I was even able to repair a corrupted SD card with it.


    Also, on a related note, we use FreeNAS at work with AllWay Sync to transparently and hassle-lessly back-up/propagate our files. AllWay Sync is great because it only uploads newer files, but also nice because it can propagate deletions and changes as well.

  8. NOSTALGIA ALERT: I was heavily into Vampire the Masqurade: Redemption from when it came out to years after. The online really pulled me in, being a 15-ish something teenager wanting to be in some type community. For me, and the users who I became friends with, the online play opened up this huge world of scenery, times (past/present), weapons, spells - all in this dark and moody RPG mechanic. It was about the socialization of players to many - acting as an interactive chat combined into a game, almost forced.

    The broad juxtapositions between past items and objects versus new ones was intriguing to most. The concept of a hidden entity controlling everything to props, levels, weapons, characters (DM) was something quite new. There was hundreds of roleplay mods developed, server plugins and all the like extended the life of it for years and years.

    Saying that, I haven't touched it in sooo many years, and I doubt heavily there will be anybody playing online. I could go on forever about this - but it's one of those online experiences that I and others will never be able to experience again.

  9. I don't think they are that stupid, I just think some technical details were left out of the article - which happens all the time. They have tracking in place to see how many times games were downloaded from the referral key that they give you when you purchase the bundle. This referral key is unique to each purchaser. If you used your key say... like twice per game (for different computers) I don't think they would necessarily take that value especially if it's from the same IP or city; however, because some were traded via forums/etc. they can see some keys have 1000 downloads. I don't have 1000 computers.

    Just to throw this out there...I've read that paypal charges $2.00 to process transactions, so if you use paypal and you pay less than $2.00 you're actually costing the developers money.

    It's based on a percentage which is way under $2.00.


    Considering it is a donation/for charity, they might have a special Merchant account from PayPal as well.

  10. And you don't even need a credit card as services like PayPal can even use debit cards and bank accounts directly.

    It's pretty sad...

    I did; however, purchase this fine package over the weekend even though I have no idea when I will get around to playing any of it :(

  11. I started my internet web-making journeys a long time ago, and since 1998-ish I've been making websites and writing for websites ever since. I'll only go through my gaming related ones.

    Of noteworthiness is the extremely outdated 2005 project "The Gamer's Journal" where I wrote about and researched a lot of games - lots of people still go to it so I guess there is some useful resources somewhere in there. Related to that is my random gameplay videos on YouTube and Xfire profile.

    Of more recent fame is the "Half-Life Library" a wiki-project dedicated to archiving and preserving third-party (and first-party) content (and the information associated with them) from the Valve universe of games, but more about Half-Life at it's roots. Kind of related to that is a mini site I created to showcase some of my plugins/mods for Half-Life Deathmatch.

    Most recently I have created a persistent community based item collecting and flash gaming website called "Kokaro".

    I have another one in the works related to game preservation (not Half-Life specific), but I can't "bust that bargo" quite yet.


  12. As with the mass majority of my games, I buy them used or pre-owned, save for a couple here and there. The cool thing about deluxe/limited/premium editions is they usually sell pre-owned for about the same cost as the normal copies, actually, I guess that isn't cool for the people that buy them new for their worth. I guess it kind of begs the question why is that?

    Anyways, I get a lot of limited editions; albeit, in their used form. And when I say a lot, I mean like maybe 10 total and mostly PC games.

    With digital copies, Ubisoft cutting manuals, DLC and other downloads becoming more and more prevalent I can't help but imagine what they will replace our cloth maps and posters with in our digital limited editions. Has there ever been a limited "digital" edition yet? I wonder who will try it first?

  13. For some reason, I didn't see this thread when I joined. Anyways, I'm a long time listener and lurker of the forums, but just recently joined... out of boredom mostly. Not a big-forum-type person, but thought this would be the best community of them all to get into since Idle Thumbs is my favouritest podcast ever. Yep... video games. I like to play them, when I am not working on websites about them.