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  1. Being a video game collector and all, focusing on obscure/bootleg/beta/prototype is very fun endeavor and part of my collecting. That being said, I am very close to considering on purchasing "Racers" just for historical purposes. The history of this douche-bag must be preserved for future generations. The only issue is actually giving this POS $20.

  2. There was no reason to do this technically speaking, so, yes it was a PR stunt. The issue I have with it is that it lasted so long. If it was like half a day everybody would be going "SILLY GOG! :woohoo:". But because of the huge downtime, everybody is going "OMG I HATE YOU! :(" and never buying from them again.

  3. I have just finished the first game (Shadows) and loved every minute of it. There's certain games that have had a large impact in my life and I am sad that it took me awhile to get to this one. That doesn't really dilute the experience all that much since the graphics are amazing and smooth (highest settings/running Complete 2009 mod). It also runs REALLY good on older machines (except the rain effects).

    I did experience a couple bugs and even more glitches, but that's part of the appeal in a certain sense... the openness of the game sometimes causes the issues... all open-world games have this issue. As a traditional PC gamer, I work around the bugs - fortunately for me, none of the were game breaking, just game limiting. Had some severe problems with Lukash and Duty outpost, but managed to "complete" the quest.

    I look forward to playing the newer games.

  4. I've never used the service, but I could understand how this could hurt publishers; however, it's not like they were making money on these games before GOG...

    But really, why no DRM? I understand the whole "DRM" is evil thing. But who would consider a service like Steam evil? If they have publisher issues, they should do Valve's brand of DRM.

  5. I personally don't think fighting games ever died... they just became more convoluted with other new genres that sprung up. There's been a new Mortal Kombat, a new Street Fighter clone (or the real ones), a new Tekken, a new Dead or Alive every year since the the hay-day of the fighter genre on the Genesis/Super Nintendo/Arcade.

  6. It's definitely just a phase. I go through it a lot. Because I work so much on websites (personally/professionally), I sometimes get completely lost in it and don't play any games - well that's kind of impossible, but maybe like 3 hours a week which is a lot less than my normal of 20+. This sometimes lasts for months. But I guess it's kind of different, because at some points I would be like "Wow, I wish I could play some games right now" - but don't.

  7. I always dismissed Forge as a "stupid console map customization tool", but I never stopped to think about it. What PC game allows that type of dynamic on-the-fly generation of world objects? Especially with how Forge looked like in that video... WOW!

  8. Just finished Aquaria. I found it weird after the last boss, it doesn't continue... the game ends and if you want to continue you have to use your last save before the boss. I had the assumption there would be some extra stuff you get after the boss... in fact... now that there isn't, I have no clue how to get past certain things or how to even complete the game fully :blink:

  9. It's September 5th, 2010 and this is Idle Thumbs.

    And I'm Chris Remo

    And I'm Nick Breckon

    And I'm Jake Rodkin

    And I'm Steve Gaynor

    And I'm Sean Vanaman

    Kinda like that? :P I'm excited to hear this tomorrow morning :)

    It should start...

    "I'm a co-host"

    "as am I, which one am I? I don't know..."

    "I'll give you three hints, I develop Telltale Games"

    "I write for Shacknews.com"

    "... and I'm the editor at large at Gamasutra and I like Trine"

    "... and I like Trine"

    "I haven't played Trine"

    "Ohhhh that's Nick"

    "Ohhhh that's Jake"


  10. I've been on the fence about this one for awhile. I really want it, but I got so many other games to play, haha. I started playing worms during the Worms 2 period, then moved on the Armageddon - I love me some Ninja Rope!

    Speaking of which, does this really add anything, or is just a re-make, better-multiplayer version of Armageddon? Not that, that would be bad.

  11. I played it for maybe 10 hours over a period of a month or so, but I stopped when I had no idea what I needed to do next and going back and forth to find if I missed something got boring.

    This is something I nipped pretty quickly in the game when I first found an instance of backtracking - which is probably why they added map marker labels. About two hours in I started marking points of interest or blockades, or things I couldn't interact with yet. It has already saved me a couple times.

  12. I'm not sure if it's what you are talking about, but if you are talking about the stones with the starfish on them, you need to levitate/push/move them using the bind song (I think you get it pretty early on?).