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  1. I played it a bit more, as in, a lot more and discovered that my main points were pretty much spot on. That doesn't stop me from playing it though. The gameplay is so rewarding. Every minute you are getting a weird quest, a randomized rare item, getting resources, an auction that you started has sold (auctions are amazing by the way), getting an achievement, finishing a quest. It's like a sensory overload, but I guess that's what they need to do to get players from realizing that it's just a clicky-click-click game.

    That may not be a bad thing, because overall, this feels more enjoyable than a lot of full-scale MMOs that I have tried recently. The quirkiness and oddness of it is definitely playing in it's favour as well. I doubt it will be anything other than fleeting come a week or two, but the aspect of skills keeps you coming back for more even when inactive (strategic email notifications).

  2. I buy a lot from Steam, but not Exclusively, both D2D and EA are options I use, as well as Physical copies. I will likely buy BF3 on a disc as I did with BFBC2.

    In which they will force you to sign up with Origin to install? I forsee this as being the way they are going to handle this. Can anybody confirm?

  3. Just finished it with 12/20 trinkets, but that also includes the keyboard smashing one. I just couldn't let it go. Took me about 1 hour and 500 deaths... ish. I found the end pretty tough as well. In the end I had 1200 deaths. Not sure if I want to go through again to get the trinkets, I don't even know where I missed any (considering the whole map is visible).

    Great game, great atmosphere (C64-esque), and great soundtrack.

  4. This is definitely interesting. I'm not sure if I will actually pick it up or not yet, but considering I am working on a roguelike game, and this is another modern roguelike, I may have to for "research" reasons, haha. There seems to be some genuinely cool/unique mechanics going on.

    The strange thing I am finding about the visuals; although they are great and cool looking. They don't seem smooth, but this is inherently because it's a turn based game. It makes it appear very rough and harsh for people not understanding the underlining mechanics of the genre. It seems like if they want to have a fully animated game, they should have added some type of animation system where each turn transition would be animated, so it doesn't look so disconnected for the roguelike-unfamiliar player that this game hopes to attract.

  5. Wow, I just found out about this holding start and select thing on the game booting up trick. Is this new? Why did nobody know about this after launch? This even works for DS games! Sweet!

    Also, about the Pokedex 3D thing. So really, they modeled all these Pokemon in 3D, with their actions and animations? Is this all 500-ish of them? Or just the new 150? And released it for free? You just know there's going to be a 3D Pokemon game coming out. They spent too much time on these "free" assets.

  6. Looks right up my alley. Unfortunately, the amount of times I have been burned buying indie titles as stand-alones, months before an indie pack or humble bundle came out is too high. I will have to wait out of fiscal resposibility :hah:

  7. Does that mean my password is safe as long as I didn't use a dictionary word or the like (I use complex gibberish passwords)?

    With the hash, they have to dictionary/brute attack everything; however, since they have unlimited time, they could potentially find out the passwords; also however though, you are required to change the password on PSN now. That won't stupid people from going from "password" to "password1" or something like that though. There's 70 million people and changes are, not all of them are smart.

    Having said that, you should be 100% safe as long as you change your password to another non-dictionary gibberish password.

  8. That can be my next tweet just predicted the best game concept ever:

    "I've bought this game? Peter Molyneux, Hideo Kojima, & Steven Spielberg had a mailbox. -IGN."

  9. Yet to get a streetpass tag, and I've had it in my pocket in sleep mode pretty much every second that I haven't been playing it since Thursday. Calgary doesn't really seem to have the density for that, I guess.

    That sucks because I am coming up to Calgary this weekend and was going to try to score some at the mall or something. If Medicine Hat and now Calgary doesn't have the density for StreetPass, where the hell do you need to live to have this thing be useful in any capacity? :frusty:

  10. (color mine)

    that's a straight out lie, they request the CVC code when you make a purchase.

    ok, for joining PSN they don't request it, but they don't request a creditcard number either.

    I think they just worded it terribly. As I said in my "technical" blurb, they can't store the security code, but they have to ask for it on the first purchase you make.

    So basically, my assumptions have all been correct so far. The CC's were encrypted, the CVC were not stored, the passwords were encrypted (but the hackers still got the encrypted data to reverse at will).

  11. So would you say that this is fake? Could be, I don't know. Haven't been following it a whole lot.

    It's hard to say. I shouldn't have been so sure either with my statements, my statements implied Sony was complying, legally speaking. According to this log and conversation, they weren't. If CC information is being past like is shown in the conversation, not only are PSN users screwed, but technically, everybody would have the right to sue Sony, every single person that gave them CC information. You are not allowed to store (or pass) unencrypted CC information, it's illegal in all developed countries.

  12. *EDIT* Wrote this before seeing above 2 posts. Where is it being reported that the passwords and CC were stored as plain text?

    Coming from a tech perspective here:

    • Your password is encrypted (why wouldn't it be?)
    • Your CC is encrypted (legally has to be, there's standards for this)
    • Your security key (for Visa) users is not allowed to be stored on Sony's end (legally can't be), so that is safe - the reason you don't have to enter this each time is because Sony talks (not literally) with the CC company to allow direct transactions.

    That being said, if they can crack your password somehow, if for some reason they are using a terrible encryption, which again, there's no reason for them to be, they can make purchases on your account. They can't steal your CC

    Unless of course the hackers got access to the encryption methods and their "salt" and are reverse engineering everybody's passwords and CC numbers via their own method. I doubt this scenario, but again, would be nice to hear something solid from Sony themselves.

  13. A lot of bad things have happened in this generation for Sony. PS3 gets hacked, PSN goes down/comprimised, PSPGo, Poor PS3 sales, Poor PSP sales, selling consoles at a huge loss and with the mother-ship leaking money like a sieve, they are not in good waters.

  14. That said, it's not really right to dismiss MK9 as just a silly and goofy toy, Ed Boon wants MK9 to be played at tournaments, and those guys have talked a lot of game about how they want MK9 to be competitively balanced. They want to be taken seriously in that scene, which is something they've never really achieved in the past. (Aside from, arguably, UMK3.)

    I should of clarified further, aesthetically and gameplay-element wise it's the same old MK humor. You are right though, this is the most seriously an MK has been in terms of tournament/competitive gameplay since UMK3 (after playing in some online matches).

    By the way, anybody else find it very lengthy to find an opponent online? Even after that, the gameplay is laggy? I'm on XBOX 360. Maybe it's just Canada.

  15. Not that I want them to do that because then I might have to take MK seriously.

    Taking MK seriously is quite the fallacy in it's own right. The game always has strived to be over the top both with sexuality and gore, exploiting the taboo of the given generation. Even in the story, there's a certain preposterousness to it all, but that doesn't stop it from telling it, in the best possible way. There's always been that underlying humor and sarcasm to MK and it's still here now (ala, nobody can survive an X-Ray move). I don't think they want to make MK a fully serious game, ever, they just want to explain the lore without the distraction of the gameplay. And who knows, like most have said, they have accomplished this better than any fighting game has before.

    The game fighting engine is as bad as it always with the combat being jerky and unresponsive, sure there are combos but these are the kind dial-a-combo shit that Mortal Kombat has always been notorious for. I think that saying it takes it back to the 'hey day' of UMK3 is just right, if you liked it fair enough, but really it was terrible back then and is still terrible now.

    I'm not really sure about this comment, considering this is the one of the smoothest fighting games in recent memory that I've played. I've played Tekken 6 and Soul Caliber 4 and this definitely stacks up above it in terms of responsiveness. I'm not really sure about your combo comments either; if anything, there's a lot less chaining of combos in this MK then stuff from the UMK3 era+.

    I'm not really a fan of MK, or rather, wasn't until this game, so i'm not speaking out of fanboy-ism or nostalgia here.

  16. As I don't want to spoil anything (that's how much I love this) I don't want to read anything you said, even if you aren't spoiling anything. That being said, this is the best Mortal Kombat game since the earlier days, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 days. It's truly amazing. They did everything right, especially considering it's a reboot more or less. Tell the story of the first 2-3 games and pack it into one modern fighting game with classic/retro characteristics.

    I haven't truly enjoyed fighting games since 1996-ish until this game along.

  17. Hey guys, remember those thousands of hours over thousands of people we made you work? Well here's the reward! Idle in indie games for a barely-early release of Portal 2!