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  1. I have 10 and all I really did was watch trailers and do the Shatter(already owned it) goal, which was hard as hell.

    Yeah that goal was a bummer. The story mode was excellent but repeating the unlocked bonus mode got tedious. I only kept at it because I couldn't let that achievement beat me...

  2. I think I'm wrapping up Novac and the surrounding area. There was so much cool stuff to do!

    Powering up Helios One and seeing the sunlight blind you was a great gasp moment, and sending ghouls into space to Ride of the Valkyries was hilarious. I especially loved the unconventional way that you could load their spaceship up on rocket fuel.

    Its great how detailed the zone was and all of it was entirely optional, just there to discover.

  3. I've got some leftover points so I can start a game. I'd like to try out low resources/48 hour paydays but have home planets close together so that the game can meander for a bit early on but finish easier once someone gets a clear gain over everybody else. Would people like to try these rules, or keep default, or do something else entirely?

  4. header_292x136.jpg?t=1288373899

    A) Kill dudes but only the ones who will get you points

    B) Use weapons that are in vogue to get extra points

    C) Fulfill your needs! Eat, Sleep, and Poop but don't get murdered while doing these actions

    The fun comes from the uncertainty. You don't know who's stalking you and your victim won't know you're the one looking for them until you actually attack. As you play your needs bar will decrease and you'll need to refill them at props that are lying around the set. When you do though, you're incredibly vulnerable.

    I've got it on Steam but its also an XBLA title. Who wants to play?!

  5. I can only hope it's like that.

    But maybe more like this...


    I hope they use voice control so you can be like COMPUTER! SIGMA DELTA SIGMA and then you go into involuntary muscles spasms and your robot launches its entire arsenal into the environment, devastating the game world. And then Ron Perlman's War Never Changes voiceover plays over the game as your robot is still convulsing wildly, trying to expend its exhausted reserves of ammunition.

  6. In the burnt farmstead I discovered

    the teleport anomaly

    completely by accident. I was looking for artifacts when I backed into a wall of fire, which freaked me out. I darted forward and caught another anomaly, and was mashing first aid while trying to get out of the field. I saw

    a cliff and leapt over it as a last ditch effort, triggering the teleportation and dropping me on the plateau near the abandoned Hind. I hadn't spoked with Noah yet and it took me a minute or two to fully understand what the hell had just happened.

  7. I finished it too and I am not entirely certain I understand where

    the other Max came from.

    I thought

    other Max is from 204, Chariots of the Dogs? He uses the same elevator time machine and I remember there was one paradox where Sam and Max met copies of themselves.