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  1. My last post mentionned Hyouka as a possibly interesting anime. It now jumped to the "season favorite" spot: yes, it's presented as a contemporary high-school mystery anime :tdown: , but the first 5 episodes revolve around the main cast excavating the less romantic aspects of student activism in the 60's.

    How cool is that ?

    It doesn't hurt that Kyoto Animation is producing it: the direction is bold but quietly so and the art/animation is excellent. :tup:

    I was interested by the art style but before I downloaded the episode I read the description which included reference to obscure Japanese poetry which the show is apparently inspired by/based on. That put me off.

  2. But it all felt cut short, like they just ran out of time and shipped the game with a lot more "a hundred dudes are going to try and shoot you now" scenarios than they might have wanted.

    I found myself frequently thinking "Ugh, more of this shit. God damn it Uncharted I just want to continue the story, why are you forcing me to do the thing you're worst at so much?". It was depressing and frustrating.

  3. I would carry on my normal life, but with one difference: a subconscious mind-embedded psycho-trigger that activated the next time you said to yourself "God damn it, I wish there was a program that ..." and then I would make that program.

    I think that all the damn time, I really need to learn a useful language.

  4. Ugh. I have to deal with the exact same shit, which is unbelievably annoying. How am I supposed to write object-oriented code thinking in a top down way? It's object oriented. The whole point is that you add functionality on the fly.

    When I'm doing any coding I always find it easiest to visualize the general flow and figure out certain pieces of code on paper, but writing the entire thing out is just ridiculous. :tdown:

  5. This thread is perhaps early, but let's talk about the upcoming E3 games conference.

    What are you looking forward to? What do you expect and what do you not expect to be announced? Will Sony announce the PS4, Microsoft the 720, Nintendo the Horsebag? Will Valve finally talk about Half-Life 3 at E3?

    Let's speculate wildly!

  6. TotalBiscuit is a british guy that does general gaming coverage to pay his way, and also does a lot of starcraft 2 casting as a passion project. Him and dApollo are a really well-known casting duo in the SC2 world.

    I really respect his opinion, and he knows a lot about the business side of gaming and speaks openly.

    I used to love TB, then I completely lost all respect for him after watching his SC2 live streams. Hard to respect a guy who calls people faggots regularly for some imagined slight that was actually caused by his own bad play.

  7. Seriously, is the whole world suddenly multi-monitor? I'm even in the minority at work in my single-monitoredness, and only one of those people is an art or programming guy (he is both).

    Once you do you can barely function without two or more monitors.

  8. "That, was-an-interesting, response".

    Quality wallpaper, Thompson :tup:

    I love Beemo.

    On the writing-board thing, isn't it the name 'Julia' in connection with 'Email', like in, 'I have to write Julia an Email on Friday and I did, and then checked it off. Oh nevermind, it was supposed to be, like a joke, and now see what you did. Blblblbl!

    Ah. The reason that didn't make much sense to me is that I wrote that on the board in like 2009. I don't use that board much. :fart: