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  1. I started watching it 'cause of your recommendation, Roderick, and boy oh boy I'm glad I did. I never would've even considered it were it not for you. Thanks!! I'll have more thoughts to share later. (Possibly/probably even on Key Frames! I'll defo write somethign up here, too, though, once I've fully caught up.)


    OH OH hey maybe if you feel like it write into [email protected] with questions or comments so we can respond. :3 :3 :3


    (sorry we're bad at promoting and i'm trying to be more proactive and shilly sorry sorry not sorry)

  2. Oh hey thanks for pointing out the filter. I looked again, and this time I found it.


    Go to the category in question and in the upper right there's a circle. Click that and mute the category!


    I'll just say that I disagree very much with the rest of your post (except the speculative hire thread, because that does rub me weird) because, thus far, it just seems to block out interesting (and more importantly for me, helpful) discussion. It makes the forums a place where everyone's just going to agree on everything. There's a limit to what is acceptable, and it's not a hard line, as no two people would agree on a hard line. But they're taking a hard line stance anyway. And that's fine if that's what they want. Arguably, it's better to be super safe than sorry. But it also just means I now know the place as somewhere I won't have serious conversation. Others clearly are, and that's fine. I'll stick to stupid games topics I guess.


    Also I'm aware that a large (probably the largest) point in hard-line stance's favor is making A Safe Space. And I can't disagree with that at all. :P

  3. When Blizzard announces that Destiny 2 will be the first non-Blizzard (heh, okay, sure, be cute, you weirdos) game on their digital platform, and then in same announcement says there won't be any more for the foreseeable future...


    When Uplay (vomit) and Origin (eh) make no real effort to be a platform for anything but Ubisoft and EA games...


    It sucks.


    Gog is, I'll reiterate, easily the second best platform. In some ways, they're the best. No DRM! Fuck yeah! But, they're lacking a significant amount of features that make Steam the primary platform. Steam isn't just A Store. It's a platform and a community (albeit a largely shitty one, as I imagine all large consumer-focused communities must be?). It has tons of useful features within and without games. Gog doesn't have most of that, and I don't know if it ever will. And that's why Steam wins. (EDIT: I use Galaxy and it works mostly fine, but the way it doesn't automate patches is a big negative in my book. Back in the day (and probably still to this day) that was my NUMBER ONE feature of Steam. Nothing else mattered/s more.)

  is a good platform for what it is. It's not trying to compete, and probably shouldn't.


    I also think the ideal situation is a platform owner that doesn't also make its own games, but I recognize that's not very realistic. I used to say that I wished Steam would just separate from Valve and become its own entity, completely disconnected. I stopped because it'll never happen. Of course, many features they've developed for Steam have gone hand-in-hand with the games they make, but ehhh.

  4. Steam is a monopoly in the digital games market and there needs to be competition. GOG is probably the closest, but it probably does a mere fraction of what Steam does.


    As anyone who's talked to me about Steam before will know, I think people are way too harsh on Valve's various solutions. I generally agree that Real People would solve most of the problems Steam has (e.g., curation what the fuck Valve), but this article is goes overboard.


    But even though it goes overboard, it's not necessarily wrong.

  5. I mean obviously were just gonna disagree, and that's fine. It's just like you said, I wouldn't be this frustrated if I didn't live them so much. But I can't change them, so I have to tolerate it until they learn. Hopefully they do. At this point I've said my piece (again, heh) and don't feel like seeing in circles. Gorm said everything I would have said in response, so thanks bud!!

  6. It's definitely arrogance when someone refuses to take criticism at face value and instead reacts negatively to everything as if they can make no mistake.


    It's definitely arrogance when someone tweets about their brother being a genius storyteller who, again, can make no mistakes. True, you can call this fraternal pride, but pride can only go so far before it turns.


    I have no issue whatsoever with the self-indulgence (besides the fact that it can result in repetitive jokes (especially with Griffin...)), but arrogance is a real problem.


    And the reason it's so surprising to me is because they openly admit to making mistakes early on, the most (in?)famous being when they trash-talked furries and later apologized for that. They've admitted fucking up regarding inclusivity across the spectrum, but always try to be better. That's great!


    But when it comes to criticism about the quality of the things they create, they can be very defensive and unwilling to listen to criticism.


    It no doubt also has a lot to do with the fact that they have so many fans willing to defend them to the end, no matter what, because the McElBoys are perfect and can make no mistakes gosh aren't they just the best everything they touch turns to diamond. I'm sure that can go to a person's head.


    I say "they" a lot, but really I mostly mean Griffin... THIRTY UNDER THIRTY LUMINARY GRIFFIN MCELROY. It's a joke, and it's funny, but sometimes it feels like it's not a joke.


    I need to repeat that I love the vast majority of what the brothers put out. Most of what I consume from them stars Griffin as the main brother, too. But they can be better.


    Travis is the best.

  7. Nah they can definitely be arrogant. You're not jaded or overexposed. It's not an all-the-time thing. It's most evident with Griffin's unwillingness to accept criticism re: his DM'ing. And, of course, the now infamous Justin tweet. What a disaster!

  8. I think their self-indulgence is less of a problem than their arrogance.


    See: anytime anyone tries to criticize The Adventure Zone, and Griffin reacts negatively. Or Justin tweets about what a genius storyteller Griffin is.


    I love 'em and enjoy everything they put out (to varying degrees) and I find them incredibly inspiring (although I know I'll never be like them), but I do think pabosher's onto something.

  9. Wonder Boy is an old game with brand new, super pretty clothes.


    It's hard, sometimes unfairly. It took a while to click with me. Dunno if I can recommend it, as it's not particularly unique, and it's kind of obtuse. But it's not bad. And it looks really good. So I dunno.


    Anyway Mario Kart is still fuckin' sweet.