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  1. 5 hours ago, Roderick said:

    I loved the BG&E2 trailer. I mean, look, of course it's going to be a different game. The novel thing about BG&E back then was that it was a functional Zelda clone with a lot of charm and a really cool photography mechanic. You'd be sorely disappointed if they just reproduced that ten years later. I do agree that there's a tonal shift motherfuckerrrrr, but I certainly had a stupid grin on my face seeing that monkey, and it doesn't actually feel that different from rastafarian rhinos, to be honest. This actually gives me hope that BG&E2 will be a solid game on its own instead of a pointless endeavor in nostalgia. Regardless: props to Ancel for allowing his vision for that world to keep up with modern expectations.


  2. okay i saw the bg&e2 trailer and that fuckin city looks so fuckin good and full and


    i mean it's a trailer but i still appreciate the crafting of that world

  3. I have a friend who refuses to play it with me until he beats it with his other friends because he promised he'd do it with them first.


    I told him I'd see him in a few hundred years.

  4. 1 minute ago, Bjorn said:


    What did I miss?  Some dev actually linked to an IT forum thread?

    Raw Fury did in their non-apology, non-explanation for Tim Soret's behavior. They thoguht it was a good example of his attitude. See the last page for the whole quote. It's good. "Good."

  5. FWIW there's been a number of times since the conception of GG that we've been worried about an influx of shitlords, but it rarely comes to anything significant. There have, of course, been a number of instances and periods of "high" frequency, but they tend to leave fairly quickly, in general.


    That said, batten down the hatches!

  6. My fav part of the canned dialogue was that it seemed like it was the same voice that talked to the NPC in the beginning. Someone pointed out elsewhere that the player talk is actually a different person, but I absolutely didn't get that vibe during the live viewing. Especially because it took me so long to realize it was canned dialogue. Because it was so unnatural. Not just in tone, but also content.


    What a dumb trend.

  7. We made it to the boss in the ogre area last night, but then got completely fucking destroyed.


    The dragon trap area, we haven't even made it past the traps, lol.

  8. I made it to the watcher for the first time today. Dunno if they made the game easier or what. Didn't necessarily feel easier but hey.


    Started that game thinking it'd be a quick lunch break game. Ended up being an hour. Oops!!


    I DID definitely die!

  9. A Titan Souls mechanic where you can hold the attack button after expending all ammo to pull it back would be cool. O:


    Maybe it could even do damage if you've missed and the loose projectile goes through the enemy. Maybe it could even do MORE damage!



  10. I don't care about optimal builds in the slightest, it just sucks when I find something I'm having fun with and am forced to throw it away because it's now too weak.


    It's good that they're trying to fix it. I'm skeptical, but hopeful.

  11. here's what i said on the waypoint forums where the thread is less active



    I bought and played this game for about... six hours, according to Steam. I really enjoy it, but I have one big problem with the game, and that's the way random weapon drops work.


    I don't mind trying or starting with new weapons. But it sucks when I have a good combo setup, like say the phasing active ability combined with the backstab dagger, and I never get either of those again, and end up having to naturally replace them because the enemies have become too hard for a level one or two backstab dagger. Yeah, I can pump a lot of points into strength to compensate, but I still end up feeling weaker than I should, and I have to switch it up with a less desirable, and often less fun set of equipment. And the more weapons I unlocked, the harder and harder it became to find one of those good/fun combos!

     I wish I could... pay to upgrade my current weapon, even if it ended up costing more, instead of having to pray that the next shop has a new one.

    I'm ready to feel like a fool if someone tells me there is a way to do that. O:

    Also turret plus grenade is my go-to skills combo. But I tried magnet bomb and buzzsaws on my last run and damn that was nice and good and that might become my go-to, provided I can build it.

    Weapon-wise, the electric whip makes a lot of the game super easy, but the rapier is so much more active and fun. O:

    RE: Dark Souls comparisons, it really feels like anytime a game has rolling and shields people see the similarities and scream SOULS! It's a bit silly, and I don't really think it holds here beyond a shallow or superficial level. I do understand the devs cite inspiration as such, but even so. Not a big deal, though. C'est la vie!


  12. It's a Vice thing in general, I think? I dunno I don't read other Vice things but I saw someone say that. Apparently the scroll event does a lot of processing.


    I was curious about this and decided to take a quick profile. On this low-end laptop, a single scroll DOM event took 1.7s and ran way more code than I'd expect for a single event handler. So it seems like there is indeed a bug somewhere; hopefully they'll be able to find and fix it soon!











    It's pretty fucking unbearable.