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  1. The further I distance myself from Having Played, the more I wish those things that give you stat upgrades would instead give you permanent random effect upgrades. Make my attacks send out a pulse of fire, turn my jumps into rocket jumps, make taking damage teleport me (with a cooldown) to a random spot (even into enemies) with a temporary invuln, make using my whip just drop a giant bear trap instead of a weak-ass baby-bomb, make throwing a dagger pull all enemies closer to me. And get rid of amulets! Also add a risk to upgrading, so sometimes it's actually a downgrade. Add cursed items that you can't unequip.


    You know, make it more like a roguelike with crazy items that drastically affect each run.


    I guess I just wish this game was more like Risk of Rain, heh. Which isn't really a fair thing to ask of the game, but alas. (I mean, Risk of Rain had its own problem with lots of runs ending up feeling the same, but that's just because you could repeat levels until you had literally every upgrade possible. But even when they felt the same, they felt _super exciting_.)


    I still think it's really good (though haven't played for a while - Prey consumed me, and now Nier is consuming me). But there are things about it that just don't fit my personal taste. C'est la vie.

  2. The thing about this (which I'm pretty excited about, I love ambition) is that I'm not sure why they couldn't just call it something else, haha. I mean I get sorta that they wanted it to take place in the same world. But it does seem a bit... silly. Given how completely wildly different it is.

  3. Yeah it'll come out next Monday; we're releasing every two weeks. Though I'm hoping we shift it so we record more close to release, since we're often talking currently airing stuff. Not, like, all the time. But often enough.




    The main issue is I hate editing. Woop woop!

  4. 9 hours ago, syntheticgerbil said:

    Oh shit, I forgot about those photo modes. They seem so tame by today's standards. Now I'm remembering how MGS4 also upped the ante on that too. Sheesh. VR Missions was great though, I enjoyed it more than the stuff in MGS2 Substance.

    Yeah defo the Substance VR stuff was a step down. Still fun, but not nearly as fun.

  5. 3 has a super ridiculous jiggle to Eva's boobs every time the camera snaps back to her (in the HD collection, anyway), but I agree that 4 is when it first got really bad. V just continued that, and made Quiet dress even worse.


    I'll grant you the shirtless Liquid and Raven, though. :P


    Then again there are also the photo modes. I think they first showed up in VR Missions? (Which is also secretly the best MGS game. I should really get around to playing Volume some day, since people often compare it to VR Missions. And seriously I fucking loved that game a lot. Sneaking around a level while hiding from a Godzilla-sized guard? Fuck yeah.)

  6. 12 minutes ago, marginalgloss said:

    The final canonical Quiet mission is really something extraordinary.

    Man, yeah it is.


    I so desperately wish Kojima had someone who wasn't gross telling him no when it came to how he portrays women visually. I'll pretty much defend most of the MGS stories, but cannot even remotely defend Quiet, or the Beauties in MGS4, or (to a lesser extent, because she is a "femme fatale" trope, although it's definitely been done better...) Eva. Snake staring at Meryl's ass in MGS1. Sniper Wolf's attire when sniping in the biting, snowy cold of Alaska?? The Boss unzipping her top from neck to navel because?????????????


    It started out fairly "benign" and "of its time" and "tolerable" and has only gotten worse with each successive entry.


    I love the story of MGS from 1-4. Peace Walker was less good, but still okay. V is... so very sparse and, worse, incomplete, that I put it way at the bottom of the list of my favorite Metal Gear Solids. Although it's probably my favorite game in the series.


    This is all shit I've said before. In this thread, even. I dunno why I'm repeating myself! I find is frustrating, I guess. Good/bad thing there won't be another MGS game. (Although I actually am interested in Survive - I think it could be really fun to play a multiplayer survival game in the MGSV engine?? Go figure, eh?)


    I'm very interested in Death Stranding. I desperately hope it features zero women*. What a shitty thing to hope for, right?!

  7. 2 hours ago, SuperBiasedMan said:

     It may work out but it's a whole different beast to take on that size of game with a small team of people.

    It's very common for games to start out with teams that small and expand as the tech increases, even for something as this scale. Don't put a lot of weight on the current size of the team.


    For example, I guarantee that CG trailer wasn't made by fifteen people.

  8. We often feel a sense of responsibility to focus on the world and the shit happening in it so that we can do our best to fight against it, or at least be prepared for things to get worse.


    But if it's damaging to one's own mental, or even physical health, well, sometimes you have to look out for number one. It sucks, but it's also important to stay healthy. If you aren't healthy, how can you realistically expect yourself to be able to cope with shit, let alone fight things like Trump?


    Do what ya gotta do, and come back at it when you're doing better.