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  1. That is just the bottom of the world, I think. You can douse the lava down there and mine the obsidian if you have a diamond pick.

    Better to use buckets and transport it! Why waste a pick!

  2. Aaaaand he made all those sales because the TF2 team sang an ode to Minecraft on their dev blog, drawing attention to the game.

    That was certainly a boost, yeah. Still even before that, he was making a hefty chunk of change each day, and it was slowly increasing. He hit big with this idea, no doubt.

  3. The funny thing is that this PayPal issue might actually get more people to notice Minecraft. Also, WTF 600K euros from a week's sales? That seems enormous amounts of money for an indie game. And he is the sole developer?

    No. 600k since they blocked his account, which amounts to about three weeks' time.

    Remember, Paypal didn't stop ACCEPTING money. They just wouldn't let him take it out.

  4. From the videos I've seen, the animation could use a ton more frames, is I'm sure what people are talking about. It completely turned me off of the game for the time being. I just... if you're going to make a 2D game with that kind of detailed art, it doesn't work to have so few frames. With low res pixel art (such as Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle or Space Quest, etc.), it doesn't stand out nearly as much when there are a few frames missing. Or maybe I've just been conditioned as such. I don't know, but it drove me crazy watching the preview videos.

    EDIT: Haha, I just read my previous post and I said the exact same thing in this post. I thought this was a new thread for some reason.


  5. Yeah, and it's especially sad because he was about to start a real studio using that money. Hire a bunch of people, including someone to actually manage all of his money. D:

    I mean, I'm sure it will all work out, especially because he let everyone know. No way can Paypal get away with stealing his money when all eyes are on them. Still, it's bullshit.

  6. Yeah, I was expecting it to be a Wizard fest, but I think there was a silent agreement in the crowd we wouldn't be complete nobs. Though I will say, I think as a whole the crowd felt a little apprehensive to get completely into it... or at least thats what it felt like to me.

    On a side note, I know I've seen pictures of the guys and stuff, but after following Chris and Nick from the shack casts to here, it's REALLY weird to see those voices come out of those heads. It felt like a really weird ventriloquist act because I'm so used to those voices and having a vague image of who it is coming from, seeing it in person just felt off, lol.

    All I've ever had of Chris is his goofy avatar holding a mic. It was a bit of a surprise to see Chris' real face.

    P.S. You guys are doing this again next year, right? U:

  7. As good a thread as any...

    I got lucky enough to win a ticket to Sunday PAX at DigiPen orientation (I had previously foolishly assumed I wouldn't have enough time for PAX after moving from Ohio to Redmond so didn't buy the full pass), and thus was able to go to the panel. And good times were had.

    Then I jumped in on Boost/Scoops' WEINHÄNDLER team after Famous and Games had to leave. I was of course no help at all! But it was certainly fun.

    I apologize to everyone there for my awkwardness. It is a gift, and a curse.

  8. Sorry, I was speaking of BoF3-4's concept art, not the actual executed game graphics.

    On that I agree wholeheartedly. I've always especially been a fan of the entire series of BoF concept art. It's good stuff!

  9. One of the things that the series has done really well - across all seasons - has been to convey a sense of implicit companionship between Sam and Max. When your main characters clearly have little regard for the well-being of the people around them, you start to wonder who they *do* regard as important, and the answer is themselves, and each other. Other little hints, such as

    seeing senile Sam living with Max in the future


    seeing Sam and Max as kids in the time-traveling episode

    also reinforce the sense of some kind of bond. This sense culminated in this episode, which made the scene you mentioned more poignant than I would have expected from a Sam & Max game.

    This is very true, but

    that's exactly what makes it hard for me to swallow the "other-Max" pill

    . Just one of those pet peeves of mine, I guess. Will I ever get over it? Who knows! ):

  10. Anyone remember Breath of Fire 3-4

    Yes, I remember 3 quite vividly and 4 somewhat vaguely. I loooved 3 as a child. (Now, not so much. Its flaws are much more apparent.)

    damn that was some slick artwork/designs, why don't people just make a game that looks like that stuff now?

    And I disagree with this. It does not look good. For its time, I suppose, but now that we know what 3D environments SHOULD look like, 3 (I will not speak of 4, as it is "vague") is somewhat hideous. Moreover, it really stands out that the sprites are 2D and the environments are 3D when you start rotating the camera.

  11. I'll freely admit that my disdain for the character art is largely rooted in a deep, seething hatred for mixing 2D and 3D in video games. I hate it. Oh god do I hate it. It always looks wrong to me. ]:

  12. I bought and played the PC version on Steam a while ago. It's... okay. Frankly I found it to be one of those games that theoretically has a lot of potential but doesn't really deliver. Maybe the WiiWare version (which I hear allows full rotational control, as opposed to only four directions in the PC version) is better! I don't know!

  13. ...No, I really doubt it. It just means "here is everything you can get for now."

    I mean, maybe you're right, but what seems much more likely to me is: they'll take a break from S&M for BttF, JP, and whatever else they have lined up (that isn't poker!).

    Also, I finished the episode last night. It was great! Except for one thing, which is really more of a personal problem: something always feels wrong to me when

    "another" [insert character here] replaces the original and the cast acts as if nothing has happened

    . It fits the world of Sam and Max more than most times it's used, but it still bugs me. One of those things that just crawls under my skin and won't get out.

  14. PAX starts tomorrow.

    On the rare occasions I am around to wait in anticipation, I don't usually get emails/etc. for new episodes until about this late in the day (sometimes later). The reveal probably happen soon enough.

    Unless: the game doesn't exist. O:O:O: