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  1. Apparently they're going to allow DSi -> 3DS purchase transfers (talking DSiWare specifically, here). This is fantastic news! But it will be limited in two fashions.

    1) Not all games will be transferable - this is frustrating, but understandable.

    2) Games will only be transferable from one system to another for a limited number (they did not say how much) - this is frustrating, and stupid.

  2. I think I might join up soon on this server!

    Been looking for a sweet place to play multiplayer. (I would be Twig in game, as well.)

    Still hesitant, though, until mobs can do damage. D: I want to go on mulitplayer exploratory expeditions. U:

  3. So I had sort of a guilt-inducing thought when I watched that demo. Elizabeth seems like a good character, and the player's interaction with her is interesting, even as short as the video is. After you use the debris ball she creates and she's kneeling in pain, Booker says, "You don't look so good," and my immediate thought was "She looks great from here!" because you're getting a nice view straight down her cleavage.

    Also, download and watch the version that's on XBL. Unless my ears deceived me, it has a 5.1 audio mix that sounds awesome.

    She has a childlike face though and it is kind of jarring with that cleavage. U:

    So, I finally watched the video earlier, despite saying I probably wouldn't (2012) and FUCK. TWENTY-TWELVE. RAAAAAGE.

  4. People use 'scripted' weirdly. All games are scripted all the time, otherwise nothing would happen or interact at all.

    "Scripted" only has about a million different meanings and connotations. People don't consider dynamic things scripted, for obvious reasons, even IF in the actual code it is scripted.

  5. It's more or less a wake-up call to all who rely on digital download services to maintain their games collection. It's like an insurance salesman telling you "your house's burned down... Just kidding! but don't you wish you had fire insurance now?"

    Maybe, but I would like to think people are smart enough to realize it's a risk without the assistance of a prank. I have known since day one that there was the possibility of some crazy whacked-out situation like this happening for real, and I still love DD!

  6. Well, it's pretty obvious they're of the mindset that this was funny. I share that mindest. Unfortunately, humor is entirely subjective, and people's lines are arbitrarily drawn all over the goddamn place for all kinds of different topics. Clearly, their line on this particular subject is too far for the majority of people (going by various forum posts I've perused), but it is what it is, and there's no changing it now.

    In the end, they're still here, and thus I am happy.

  7. So... this is kinda like Harvest Moon 3D now? I call dibs on the shy librarian girl!

    Wait... I'm all alone on the island... Maybe I'll find a cute monster girl? :deranged:

    But seriously, does this mean I can make an oven and bake bread too?

    Stick some wheat in the furnace and yes.

  8. The yellow dots are prolly gold, or maybe iron. You have break the latter with a pick made of stone or better for it to drop a cube, and the former with a pick of steel or better to do so.

    Hoes have two functions, left click and right click. One of them plows, the other one harvests. If you plow a little bit of earth, you will collect enough seeds to grow a little patch of wheat.

    Left-click with hoe just does the same thing as everything else: break blocks and kill enemies (though with of course a huge cost to durability).

    You can HARVEST with a sword if you want. I just use my fists. U:

  9. But they promised to release a patch for the games so you can play them without the client in case they went bankrupt and stuff.

    I think you're thinking of Steam. doesn't have a client.

    And also there's no proof of Valve ever saying that beside some guy on a forum who has a quote form Gabe saved in a text file and a link to a Steam thread that no longer exists. U:

  10. I've played Minecraft on and off since, I think, February. I always get tired of it prematurely due to the absurd rarity of iron.

    It's not that rare. Maybe it was in February but now it's everywhere. Just explore a cave and you'll find it within minutes.

  11. Torches make the wheat grow faster.

    To be precise, torches act as sunlight in the dark, and wheat (and trees!) only grow(s!) with sunlight. This means you can make a field underground if you want and use torches to make wheat grow. Alternatively, skylights, etc.

    But to sum that all up: yes! Torches make wheat grow faster.

  12. I think if you douse the bottom-dwelling lava you get obsidian, if you take it elsewhere it will turn into regular cobblestone when wet.

    Nope! Only running lava (as in the non-source lava) will turn into cobblestone.