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  1. Maybe there were one or two people who actually wanted me to make Mega Man sprites, but everybody else... yeah... they pointed and laughed...

    If you're serious, I can do a request or two, but I don't think I'll resurrect the sprite thing anytime soon... :|

    I think they were pointing and laughing because it was a silly thing to get so gung-ho crazy over, not because they hate Mega Man sprites. U:

  2. Stonetalon was pretty neat. Garrosh has a heart after all.


    I was secretly hoping the melodrama nonsense between Vol'jin and Garrosh was a sign of things to come. SPLINTERING THE HORDE INTO SIX SEPARATE FACTIONS. FULL OPEN WORLD PVP. Of course, I knew the hope was hopeless, but it's fun to dream every once in a while.

  3. So, I caved in and resubbed, as I said I would.

    Troll druid, fuck yeah. This is my third (fourth?) druid, due to changing servers once, selling that account (it wasn't mine to begin with, bought it for ten bucks from a friend who didn't like it shortly after the game launched, so I didn't feel guilty doing so - strange logic? yeah, probably), starting a new one on another different server, and then going back to my original server. I fucking love druid, okay. Troll druid forms are totes boss. Troll starting zone is rather lame. I wanted them to make a whole new city, but it just looks like a small village, one step above Orgrimmar's troll/goblin ghetto. ): Maybe future patches? I hope? Trolls are so rad.

    Game continues to be infested with shitty jokes. Pun intended. They managed to get a poop joke in on me before I was level ten. Goddamnit.

    But all that aside, Jesus, it's like a whole new game. I'm going to make an undead character (FINALLY) to level along that newly renovated quest line. I hear it's the best.

    Northern Barrens is just barrens. But Azshara was neat fun. Ironically, I think I experienced less stupid goofy shit (or at least RECOGNIZED less) in the goblin zone, contrary to Chris' own experience. C'est la vie. Maybe I've just gotten used to it. The SRS BSNS stuff is all kinds of cool (I love Warcraft).

    But JESUS CHRIST what the fuck did they do to Ashenvale?! Maaan so great. Perfectly designed for low-level world PvP. THANK YOU BLIZZARD. Thank you. Now I'm on to Stonetalon, which looks even better.

    My level 80 warrior (which I transferred to play with my friends) is weak as shit. Goes to show warrior is insanely gear dependent (also I suck). Looking forward to getting him geared up again come Cataclysm time!

  4. I think you're terribly overreacting - it's just a neat thing to see, and people like Mega Man.

    That said, if you, in your rage, decide to make more neat things, then that's cool, too.

    Also, sprite comics are not the same thing as what is happening here. Sprite comics were lame and stupid because they were lame and stupid not because they used sprites. I still think 8-bit Theater is hilarious (although, to be fair, it does take way too long to get to the point where it's more than just lame jokes about Final Fantasy).

  5. Man, I know Telltale probably doesn't have the rights to just throw around BttF stuff to other developers (after all, why would they), but THIS HAT



    needs to happen

    (also this)


    I hope we at least see the return of the first in one of the episodes!

  6. Just close this thread and forget I ever said anything. Didn't know Fable was Xbox exclusive, though. Splinter Cell too?

    Fable was released on the original Xbox, and then much later on PC, as The Lost Chapters. Fable II was/is exclusive to the Xbox 360. Fable III is currently exclusive to the Xbox 360, but is supposedly coming to PC at a later date.

    So, it might as well be Xbox-exclusive, since most people probably aren't willing to wait for the PC releases, but technically it is only... partially exclusive.

    I'm sure it all makes perfect sense in someone's head at Microsoft. Yes.

    Also, FWIW: I had a 360, and got fed up with the pay-to-play-online shit, as well as most of the games I wanted that were "exclusive" to 360 eventually coming to PC. Exceptions: Banjo-Kazooie, the aforementioned Fable II, Alan Wake, and others... but I can live without that small group of games, so oh well.

    I would love a PS3, though. Its exclusives are so much more enticing and exciting and etc. I bought and loved every (except the last) Ratchet & Clank game on PS2. I miss having those games. ):

  7. You are a silly person, Forbin, and I find it difficult to have a reasonable conversation with you!

    Suffice it to say, I find it much more invasive than simple "flavor text" might be, because it is constantly jumping out in my face as I play the game. I'm not talking about Little Miss Pilton, and, no, I can't think of any specific examples because it has been way too long since I actually played the game, but it happened to me as I played the game normally.

  8. Yes, but I mean the past few days. Or, probably more accurately, since the latest update. (I only recently started playing again the past few days.)

    Sometimes I'll get five crashes in a row before I even manage to join a server.