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  1. Yeah when I played the first game I had a group that basically only played together and always played together, and we moved up from the easiest difficulty to the hardest, slowly but surely, and dominated the game. Then L4D2 came out and we put a lot of time into that but not as much, and I never got to play it as much as I personally wanted. I'd love to repeat that experience, but no one seems to want to make tha tlong commitment to getting better. Not that I blame anyone. Time is hard. I have it easy 'cause I'm a loner and a loser.



    it did not turn out shit! i'm not a huge fan of the ending, though. not SHIT but could've been better. still, i don't believe a subpar ending can retroactively make the previous stuff bad (at least not always). i still recommend it if anything i've said sounds good to you.


    something worth calling out that i didn't mention above: the show features "superhumans". what that means in this specific case is... EVERYTHING. demons, people who can turn giant, mechs, ghosts, robot satellites that respond to and are powered by cries for help, cyborg cops, magical girls, etc, etc, etc. these are disparate concepts and wildly varying art styles that bones somehow successfully made work. nothing seems out of place. everything melts together into a sublime soup of superpowers. hell if i know how they managed it.


    another thing: because the show takes place over a long period of time, jumping back and forth through time, there are many many times when people shift allegiances. alliances form and dissipate in what seems like minutes but is actually literally years within the show's timeline. it's cool!!! i think.


    it's also worth repeating what i said above about that being its biggest flaw. but also i think it's one of its biggest strengths. it makes it interesting. not to say it's for everyone, but i... kinda liked it, even while i hated it.


    it's a complex show. it's very hard to follow. it requires serious work to fully understand the flow of events. if i were a less lazy man i honestly would've written down the timing of events to help me understand better. i'm not, though. i might some day. or i suppose i could find where someone else has done that on the internet. 

    also in the process of writing this post i think i might dislike the ending less. i think it was kind of a copout in that it... makes a lot of events throughout the show feel kind of... it brings them to a head that ends before the face. (what.) on the other hand, it absolutely jives with many of the themes presented throughout the show. so... there's that!


    anyway i like it please watch it so i have someone to talk to thanks.

  3. Wait what is this Origins series?! There's new STARGATE????!??!


    I love Stargate. All of it. Except the original movie. I mean, it's not bad, but it's not why I love Stargate. Wait is this new thing based on the movie?

  4. I loved Rabbids. I am also completely shocked I didn't hate the rabbids! The game was so fun! As mentioned above, the movement mechanics really made the game shine.

    I did find it fairly easy, though. I got a perfect for nearly every fight. I think I didn't get a perfect for... three battles? All in the last world, and one of them the final boss.


    I am unsure I'll go back for any DLC they release, though. By the time that stuff comes out even more games will exist on the system. On that note, I'm glad it came out now 'cause otherwise I almost certainly would've skipped it in lieu of all the other things I'll be able to play in, say, six months. And then I would've missed out!


    By the end, my fav team was Rabbid Luigi and Rabbid Mario. Up closeand personal. Rabbid Luigi dashes around setting up vamp on everyone closeby, Mario and Rabbid Mario wreck shop and heal any damage from the previous round. Heck yeah!

    That team didn't do so well on the last boss, though, so I did have to switch it up to regular Luigi and Rabbid Peach. 

  5. guys i know concrete revolutio is a hard sell, it's fuckin "superheroes are everywhere", but it's good!! it deals a lot with discrimination and societal acceptance of that which is different. it also has a lot of parallels with real history events, like shitty ones, like human experiments, etc. and also it looks fucking good, and it's bones, so you KNOW it's got some great goddamn animation.


    it's biggest flaw is perhaps the way it jumps around in a very complicated timeline. it gives you dates, but if you're just watching the show passively it's real hard to keep up with the flow all the specific events. the broad strokes aren't hard to pick up, though.


    also a gay relationship was just revealed and it was not a big deal? that is, the show did not think it was a big deal. the manager/producer/whatever of the band she was in did. it was of a minor side character, though.

    it may be one of the most underrated series i've seen

    that said i'm not finished and maybe it turns to shit by the end

    i don't think that will happen though

  6. xenoblade looks to have the same combat so i will definitely be staying as far away as i can from it, it's... not for me... at all


    octopath looks and sounds fucking great so i'm stoked for that


    mario continues to be perfect


    i don't really care about anything else they showed besiddes a few indie games (golf story is apparently coming out this month heck yes!!!)

    well surprisingly that 3ds kirby game piqued my interest, but i'll never turn on my 3ds again so eh

  7. I watched the first episode of Defenders, and then instead watched the third season of iZombie.


    I'll probably still go back, but... I'm not enthused. I hate Danny Rand so fucking much. I only sorta like Daredevil, whatever his name is. I hated Luke Cage in Jessica Jones, loved him for most of his show, and now I'm pretty ambivalent. I'm exhausted by the nurse, at this point.


    Still enjoy Jessica's schtick, though.

  8. 8 hours ago, eot said:

    I guess I can watch the anime if it's any good. Haven't had a gaming PC for a year now though, otherwise I'd definitely replay it. Maybe I could buy one with my tax refund...


    @Twig I though that bit at the end was too weird and out of place to take literally. It would be more in character for her to say that sarcastically. But yeah, weird name and weird forced topless scene. Do play the game.

    Hmm, I definitely didn't read it sarcastically at the time, but now I wonder. You're not wrong that it would've been in character. But I can't say without watching it again haha.

  9. Did you like that the lesbian turned straight by Riddick was literally named Doll?









    (Okay it was actual Dahl I'm pretty sure but still)









    I like the first two quite a bit - for different reasons obviously. The third being a remake of the first but not as good will always leave a sour taste in my mouth, but I will admit I enjoyed most of it. Also, DOLL.


    I should play the game one day... 


    There's an anime?? I bet it's awful.