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  1. Why would "a developer" know all the details about virtual console and the subscription model. They wouldn't need that information, nor would Nintendo just give it to anyone who happens to be "a developer". That's not how this works... Unless they've got some other inside information...? This article seems like speculation out the ass based on half-information.


    I, too, wish they would do a goddamn Netflix style subscription for their Virtual Console offerings. ):

  2. I think I'm rarely in a position where I won't have the ability to charge a device for more than 2.5 hours, let alone the probably more likely average of 3-4. That and I basically already carry a bag with me everywhere, if I intend to do any sort of idle activity, so fitting it into my pocket isn't a necessity for me.


    It definitely would NOT fit in my pockets, though! Maybe if I still had them classic JNCO jeans from my childhood hehehe.

  3. I absolutely adore the name and the colors of their logo and ESPECIALLY that fucking *switch* sound is just so goddamn perfect.


    Wii U was great, and the name was terrible. ):


    I'm fairly optimistic about the Switch's future, even if what we know of this launch year so far is underwhelming (I personally count at least six games that I know I want to try if not buy outright this year alone, and I also know I will never get to all of them, so it's not very underwhelming to me, but I can understand people's trepidation for sure). I don't for a second buy Reggie's "3DS will live on!" rhetoric, but who knows. Maybe I'm dead wrong on this one! But if I'm not, that definitely means the Switch will have proportionally more internal support than any system since, well, since the Game Boy's launch. It'll have it all! No more games split across two platforms! Please please please! (I think even if I am right, though, it will take maybe a year or two. The 3DS' install base is still huge.)

  4. Well Metroid and Star Fox don't sell. That's not too surprising.


    Kirby's absence might be notable, but there's still a possibility it'll show up (that is, be announced?) before the year's end. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Nintendo Directs start picking up more again. Nintendo isn't a company that announces its games years, or often even months, ahead of time anymore. Breath of the Wild being the big notable exception, and Odyssey just because it helps more than it hurts to say "Yeah we do have a new Mario game!"


    Also I'm curious to see if indie game support picks up. I wouldn't hate to see the Switch become a Vita with Nintendo games. O: Dunno if I expect it, but I have heard mostly positive things with regards to indie dev and Wii U/3DS. Mostly...

  5. I didn't know who Tarkin was so all I got was bad CG and otherwise a fun evil dude being extra evil to other evil dudes.


    Also Vader just mercilessly killing dudes was fuckin rad and y'all know I don't give a FUCK about this pointless light side dark side nonsense. It was very Bad Guy in a way that lots of (main/canon(??)) Star Wars stuff just isn't. I think it sold Vader to me in a way that he'd never been sold before, because he always just came off as cheesy*. (Including his other main appearance in this movie!)


    *Note that "cheesy" is not a mark against him, as that's... Star Wars in a nutshell, and whatever. Just saying this was a Vader like I'd never seen and it was cool. If horrifying. Many humans died!



    EDIT: I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really want to see some Big Budget Star Wars Films that have nothing to do with light side vs dark side. Please let the Han Solo and Boba Fett movies be that. Please please please. The universe is so fun. It's so big. There's so much more to it than the Force!

  6. I've had luck talking about games to people who don't play games by not referring to them as games. Example: Firewatch, which I referred to as an interactive film more than a game (though that's not the language I'd personally use in conversation with people who DO play games and are already familiar with the language of games). Talking about it that way piqued people's interest in ways that talking about it as a game didn't.


    Source: a bunch of rando Lyft drivers taking me to and from work. Obviously this can be extrapolated to the public at large without any flaws whatsoever.


    Now, did any of them go home and play Firewatch? Probablyyyyyyy not... But at the very least, they showed active interest and engaged in ways once I stopped talking about it as a game. So, the words we use can have an effect. I think there's value in at least considering this.


    I'm going to regret entering a what-is-game conversation. I can already feel it.

  7. Peace Walker's an interesting game, but imo mostly only intellectually, as the predecessor to MGSV. It's very restricting in its gameplay, because it plays out in missions, but is far far far less open than MGSV ends up being, even though the game/menu structure is nearly identical, heh.


    I'd say give it a shot and if you aren't feeling it, feel free to drop it. Definitely don't 100% it, though, as that will drive you mad. (I haven't 100%'d it, but I do intend to some day. I'm already mad!)


    EDIT: And yeah I get what you're saying re: editor, and those are definitely thoughts I've personally had before, too. Buuttttttttt at the same time, like I said, I like that there exists someone who has the privilege to just display their mind vomit on the screen in high-budget video game format. I wish we had more of that, to be honest. (Preferably in the form of people who aren't as undeniably sexist as Kojima D: !!!) Editors be damned. Let people go nuts.


    Twitter's a funny analogy, and I like it. It's also somewhat accurate. But there's a fundamental difference between a series of 140 character messages and a game that costs millions to make, heh.